How Social Media Marketing is Different than Traditional Marketing

Marketing is very dynamic subject and no one can explain it 100 percent. Everyone is having his own perception about marketing as they have different kind of experiences with the kind of product or services they handled. And it’s obvious also as each and every product or services are of different nature ant their marketing strategies changes according to them. But the platforms are more or less common for any marketing strategy. Let us consider the social media. It has bring huge potential for marketers to market their products and reach their target audience. Companies are investing heavily in social media marketing.
They have hired best of the best social media marketing experts to promote their products and services. When compared with traditional marketing told like television commercials, radio ads or newspaper advertisements, it’s different. Social media is talking more about inbound marketing. Nowadays people are spending more time in internet as compared with television newspaper or radio. The thus the nature of traditional marketing also got affected due to this. Companies are focused in social media marketing with same interest as they does for TV, radio or newspaper advertisements.
Social media has swiftly assimilated itself with the population, it has created a great impact in the life of consumers about the products and services. Social media marketing have its own advantages when compared with traditional marketing.
First it create a kind of space where you can interact. Suppose there is a product you can wrote about your experiences with the product and at the same time others can also participate in it, so you are making the discussion very engaging where other people can also know more about the product Secondly the cost is fraction to any traditional marketing medium like TV, Radio, Newspaper advertisements or billboards. The results are measurable and thus you can change the strategy after seeing the results and thus you can save a lot of money to be get wasted.
Though we all know that social media marketing is time consuming process and it need marketers to work dedicatedly and wisely. Along with that marketing managers also need to be flexible with their campaigns.

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