Why it is important to stick with deadlines?

Whenever any company is taking or outsourcing any project they always talk about the deadlines. Deadlines is something which drives the project from start to end. So it is one of the main pillar on which the success of the project depends. Any client always worries about the deadlines and always reconfirms with the vendor company about the deadlines in each and every interaction or meetings. Even if it is not the part of the agenda but it pops up somewhere in between the meeting.
So now I am very clear how important a deadline is for any project. A serious company put lot of emphasis on deadline and always delivers on time whatever may be the scenario. They work day and night if they are behind schedule and always ends in time. This creates a huge positive impact on clients mind. Client understand how important they are for their vendors and this trust generates good business for the vendor company. Not only they are able to retain their clients but reference businesses will also get generated due to their positive image in market and among their clients.
There are also many companies who failed miserably in delivery, they put timelines in paper and excel sheets but never achieved them. It bring lot of problems to their clients and they cannot expect any new business from them as they create a horrible image in the mind of client. Not even it brings problem for the client but for the vendor company also, it brings bad name and the cost of project also got increase many folds. Along with the vendor company is always in defensive mode then concentrating on the work. At the end it was very bad experience for both the client and the vendor. SO a good and sincere company always put lot of effort to stick with their time lines.

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