SEO, where to start from


A new SEO newbie or even a veteran SEO expert get the same issue when they are starting any SEO project for any website. Though for small websites with less competition doesn’t affect much but a large website with high level of competition really make you to thing from where to start. It’s obvious that for large websites, it need lot of critical thinking before going to start the SEO process. Every SEO expert have his own style to handle this situation and they follow that. We have also our own style and this style is developed through our deep experience in Search engine optimization. Here we will try to explain some areas from where you can start your SEO process for large websites (Though you can apply for any website as we have taken large website to cater the complex process)
We have find that almost every SEO experts starts from auditing the existing site and that is the correct process to start with but once you get the reports your challenge starts. You have to think from where to start.
It is always better to start with on page optimization. Prioritize the things that need your immediate attention to make the website SEO friendly. Work on the code and tags first. Once you are satisfied with that. Go for canonical urls. Other redirects problems need to solve with highest priority level as they are very important for search engines. If you fix all these above explained issues then most of the time there is not much in front of coding part. Secondly you need to work on the content part. Many a times you need to guide your client about the structure of the content. Because at the end content is the most important part of the website and it has to be interesting and readable for the audience.
Now you can jump into off page optimization and start working on link building process. Though link building is not that much important as it used to be, still it has some impact. So you must try to get backlinks from high DA websites. Promotion is very important in social media and you cannot ignore this. So prepare a very strong social media promotion strategy, it will really help you to attain higher rank in search engines and if done properly lot of new businesses can be generated.
I hope this article has given you some idea to think about before starting SEO for any website.

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Why it is important to stick with deadlines?


Whenever any company is taking or outsourcing any project they always talk about the deadlines. Deadlines is something which drives the project from start to end. So it is one of the main pillar on which the success of the project depends. Any client always worries about the deadlines and always reconfirms with the vendor company about the deadlines in each and every interaction or meetings. Even if it is not the part of the agenda but it pops up somewhere in between the meeting.
So now I am very clear how important a deadline is for any project. A serious company put lot of emphasis on deadline and always delivers on time whatever may be the scenario. They work day and night if they are behind schedule and always ends in time. This creates a huge positive impact on clients mind. Client understand how important they are for their vendors and this trust generates good business for the vendor company. Not only they are able to retain their clients but reference businesses will also get generated due to their positive image in market and among their clients.
There are also many companies who failed miserably in delivery, they put timelines in paper and excel sheets but never achieved them. It bring lot of problems to their clients and they cannot expect any new business from them as they create a horrible image in the mind of client. Not even it brings problem for the client but for the vendor company also, it brings bad name and the cost of project also got increase many folds. Along with the vendor company is always in defensive mode then concentrating on the work. At the end it was very bad experience for both the client and the vendor. SO a good and sincere company always put lot of effort to stick with their time lines.

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What is important for mobile UI Designing?

Mobile ui

Designing was always a challenge for the designers. Today a design, which is very new and accepted by the audience full heartedly, be complete isolate tomorrow. The design is changing like anything and so as audience choices but at this time what should the designers do. Most of the time I find designers stick with few design pattern and never adopt to the upcoming designs. This is the biggest factor that I identified with today’s designers. Now mobile screen designs also came into the market, which ultimately increase the challenge for the designers.

We have find good designers are always ready to learn new things. Let us talk about the mobile designs. I have seen designers think designing for mobile devices are same as web, which is not.The challenge is huge here. First of all the size of the screen matters in mobile. You cannot get a big screen to accommodate all of your data and images. The space is very limited. Thus, you have to think twice before designing for mobile. You have to keep all the important links, images and functionalities in mind. Then you need to accommodate those things first, such that the users should not struggle to find the important things first.

In simple sentence, you need to know how to priorities the elements in the mobile screens and then you need to create the flow in such a way that user should not struggle with the application. You need to remove things or keep them somewhere else, which are not important for the application as about us page, company policies etc. font size, image size etc. are very important for mobile devices as it have very limited space and you cannot experiment with the size of the application.

If you keep all the above things in mind while developing mobile user interfaces then you might be omitting lot of rework and hassles for you in coming future.

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How to Do SEO for small Websites

seo website

Not all websites are big or having lot of content. That doesn’t mean small websites don’t have any right to be rank higher in search engines specially Google search engine. Yes its true search engine rank websites according it its popularity and that popularity comes through relevant and fresh content. During all these days Google is constantly updating the ranking algorithms and it is very dynamic and getting more and more accurate against the time. But not all websites the very big there are lot of corporate websites and small business websites are there which is having very less number of pages. And their owner always worried about their ranking in Google search. Now I will explain few tips which if you follow your website will definitely attain significant change in page ranking.
First of all you have to see that the html tags are error free and the website should be responsive.
HML Tags are used properly and no depreciated tags are used. It is always better to avoid depreciated tags and CSS syntaxes.
Proper use of H1 and H2 tags along with links and p tags. Images should have alt and title tags filled with proper naming convention which really reflect what the images is all about.
As we all know Google love fresh content. So first of all you should have relevant content which should be easy to understand. You need to update the content regularly. Your content should have the relevant keywords on it and keywords should also appear in H1 and H2 Tags for better visibility.
All images should be optimized for sizes as page load time is very important factor for Google especially for mobile devices. There should be no broken links and 301 page errors.
These are small things that anyone can do to rank higher in Google search engine ranking. Still if you are not getting higher rank then you must be competing for very high traffic key words and you need the help of a professional company to score high in the competition.

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Why Social Media marketing is important?

Social media

Since long back, a website is good enough for a company to communicate with its customers but we all know internet is something, which is the most dynamic thing now. It is changing its shape for the good. It glues the whole world. Nowadays any information can found in the internet. Without internet, we cannot imagine life now, it become the integral part of life business and everything we can think about.

Social media is one of the great innovation of this internet era. Initially it was created to connect people and share images events etc. but it become much and much larger than that. It became one of the important part in life, who are connected with the internet. We have seen people you to find information about their interest in internet by googling but now it become more than that. People want to know more and more about anything. For example, suppose a person wants to buy something, he first try to get the feedback about the products in the internet. He serfs website to website for reviews. However, social media platforms are the best place to find any reviews. He can get genuine feedback here. Because of its versatility it become less biased then any websites.

Thus, companies and businesses identified it as the best place to promote their products and services. Instead of promoting their products companies tries to create an environment, which help them to create better products and improve their services. These social media platforms helped the companies to interact with their customers and make them to understand what the customers are looking for. The trust among the company and user can be created and can the same trust can be communicated with others. Which ultimately help companies to grow in market as well as understand their customer’s requirements.

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When you migrate your website from one domain to other domain


Lot of companies faced this scenario at least once in their lifetime when they need to migrate or change the domain of their website or at least they did it for one of their client. Migration from test server to production sever is a common scenario and every software company is doing that on day to day basis. But changing to domain is also not uncommon now a days; whatsoever may be the reason like you got the domain which you are looking for long but was blocked by some other user etc.
Here we would like to discuss few points which are very relevant when you are changing your website domain. First of all you need to work in the http:// and www issues such that the website should be consider as one and redirection should be catered for that. This is very important for search engines to refer you domain. In case of migration from one domain to other domain you also need to redirect the pages to your new website. We call that process as 301 redirect.
Now a question arises is what 301 redirect is. So we can say a 301 redirect is a permanent redirect from one URL to another URL. Thus a 301 redirect the visitors and the search engines to the new pointed URL then the original URL which is typed by the visitors and directs the search engines in the same way.
This way you are making the links relevant and your website is reachable though you changed the domain. It also helps the search engines to redirect the visitors to the page which might be not possible if no 301 redirection is done.
If you would like to ask about temporary redirect and permanent redirect we would like to say permanent 301 page redirect is much better for search engine optimization when compared to temporary redirect The reason behind this is 301 permanent redirect transfers the inbound links from the redirected domain to the intended one, which benefits the website preserve its SEO rankings and prevent any loss of traffic.

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What should be there in your home page of your website?


It is a very common question that what should be there in home page to make it more attractive and SEO friendly. Though the answer is not as simple as each and every website is different in nature and their target audience and purpose is different. You cannot apply the same rule for a news website and a corporate website as there are very different in their nature. So let us be more specific and target the corporate website and then try the answer the question. A corporate website should be professional and should be able to communicate your services and products properly with your visiting audience. Sao a developer company must follow the below five rules to make their website more professional and SEO friendly.
Give priority to the content
Don’t try to put as much as content in the home page. It will confuse the visitor and they may go away from your website and never come back. First of all try to priorities the content. Make the headings more appealing and understandable to the target audience. Put less but important content which clearly tells about your services and offerings.
There should be clear display of action buttons
Whenever you find the requirement to put action buttons use it in bold. Make the button more clear and visible to the user such that it should make their search more precise. It brings them directly to the required page without putting much effort and it saves their time also.
Make the navigation more simple
Don’t clutter the website menu with lot of links as it will be very confusing for the user to navigate. If at all your menu is very big and has many levels. Please organize it in priority and importance basis such that user should be able to navigate the website without getting distracted and losing the interest.
Make the banner which should clearly communicate with your audience properly about your services and products. User should not struggle to interpret your services by seeing your banner. At the same time image optimization and all image related tags should be properly used in the banners to rank the page higher in search engines
Don’t be too flashy with animations
We don’t ask you to stop putting animations to your website. If it is used wisely you can make your website more interesting. But we will ask you to restrain animation from corporate websites as it lost the seriousness.

Why SEO is Important?


We have find lot of clients are asking us what is SEO any why it is important. Companies need to understand the why SEO become so important. Nowadays there are almost 2 million enquires are coming to google search per minute. Therefore, you can easily find the importance of google search engine. Now if you are selling some kind of products or services and with some particular related keywords some person finds you in google and calls you then you will be very happy as without going to the customer customers comes to you. If it happen regularly to you then you are making your business a profitable one.

This can really happen through SEO. Anyone can do SEO it is easy to learn but you need experience and expertise to attain results. That is why company owners inclines towards professional SEO companies. SEO companies first do some audits to your website to create the SEO plan. They will ask you the relevant keywords and keywords phases to come out with the competitors’ analysis. They also suggest the right keywords, which suits your business through their experience. They will do all the fixes in your website for on page optimization and work in the content also.

Once everything done perfectly your website will come in the first page of google when someone will search with the keywords provided by you. When your website will come in first position. It will automatically divert lot of traffic to your website and definitely, business can be expected from those prospects. Once you r website attain the first position it need to retain it for that you need to continuously work into your website as competitors will try their best to beat your website to attain the number one position.  So it’s a continuous process but results in business that’s why SEO is important.

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What you can do with Facebook for marketing


All the Companies knows that Facebook becomes an important marketing tool along with a social media website. From a single employee company to multinational companies every company wants to be a very strong social presence.  As face book have more than 1.1 billion users throughout the world makes it one of the big place to interact with your prospect customers it also helps you to reach new audience from the other demographic. It became a huge platform to showcase your products services, cause or anything that you would like to share with the world.  It gives you the opportunity to create a community and promote your business through content of various types. We have seen many companies use the Facebook platform to create very strong brand identity and make their products very popular.
Lot of marketers create profiles and start following other companies, celebrities and posting images videos and content and think that they are done with the job. But it is of no use if you are doing that without any proper plan. You should always create a strategy and goals before starting anything in
Facebook. People will only follow you if you are giving the something which should be of their interest.  So it’s not an easy process you have to be patient and should be ready with a proper plan and there should be reality check at certain stage of time. Like how many like your posts are getting how many people are following your page, what is their engagement, how frequently they are coming to your page? You should evaluate your Facebook campaigns at every stage. You have to make sure your ads are able to create interest among the audience such that they should click it.
If you are launching a new product or service try to create a buzz among the followers before it is going to available. Create interest with viral stories, opinions etc. such that followers should be curious about the product or service that you are going to launch. You have to be very interactive with the followers with your comments engagement etc.
Though these are very few things that we discuss there are lot of other things that we can discuss more about Facebook marketing.

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Additives to look for whilst deciding on a brand new Android telephone


Android telephones are getting extra popular each day, and for precise reason: Android phones are effective, appealing, and (from time to time) easy to use. but no longer all Android telephones are the equal. The open nature of the Android platform method that a huge kind of producers can offer Android telephones, and people phones can provide an expansion of functions.

right here are the important thing features to do not forget while you’re searching for a brand new Android phone.


The greater part of the huge national organizations give Android telephones, as do a portion of the littler, nearby merchants. Also, now and again, settling on an administration is more prominent basic than choosing a cell phone. regardless, the greatest costly, quality-looked into Android cell phone is not going to do you any legitimate if its supplier would not work pleasantly where you require it most.

Indeed, even the enormous national suppliers have dormant spots of their scope districts, and on the off chance that one of these pointless spots is in which you stay, you’re up the creek without a paddle. So sooner than you get your heart set on a particular Android phone, discover which organizations will works of art wonderful for you. you may do that by method for making a few inquiries – discover which telephones your mates, neighbors, and co-representatives are utilizing.

You should furthermore get some information about a difficulty length when you buy a cellphone. while you purchase a cellphone, you for the most part sign a delayed supplier settlement with a view to get a diminished charge on the handset.

yet, you might be fit for arrange a 30-day time for testing as a component of that settlement, so that if the cellphone doesn’t work wherein you need it to, you could get from your settlement.

For more noteworthy data, see find Your most economical cell benefit Plan.

4G Service

some other detail to recollect while deciding on a bearer and an Android telephone is irrespective of whether it underpins the more updated, rapid 4G structures.

greater bearers are placing forth 4G structures, yet Android phones were the primary to keep strolling at the awesome-fast structures. in any case, now not all Android phones bolster 4G. on the off danger that the splendid-brief speeds of a 4G system are crucial to you, make sure that your bearer of decision offers a 4G set up and that the Android telephone you want bolsters 4G.

For extra statistics, see 4G wi-fi: everything You want to recognise and latest 4G telephones.

seeing that Android phones are made by an assortment of makers, you have got an collection of choices while selecting a handset. That implies that you may select one which fits your requirements. A standout among the most vital matters to bear in mind while taking a gander at a telephone’s outline is irrespective of whether it carries a full console. massive quantities of contemporary Android phones are contact-display-simply devices, and preserving in thoughts that they may appearance cool, they may be not commonly as usable as their console organized partners. A full QWERTY console can add a hint of mass to the cellphone, particularly if it is a console that slides a ways away when you’re now not utilising it, but as a substitute that can be justified irrespective of the accommodation that accompanies having a proper console to kind on.

exceptional elements to don’t forget when taking a gander at a telephone’s define are screen length and resolution.

increasingly more phones are presenting first-rate-sized monitors — four-inches to four.three-inches diagonally, or even larger — which are clearly smooth at the eyes. but a bigger display may also imply a larger phone, and a bigger cellphone may be hard to slip into a pocket. a bigger smartphone additionally may be uncomfortable to maintain subsequent to your ear at some stage in lengthy smartphone calls.

A display’s resolution can be simply as essential as its length. In standard, the higher the decision, the crisper and clearer the display will appearance. each time viable, try the cellphone out in a store earlier than you purchase it. See how the show seems to you. You should also attempt it out in various lights conditions, as specific lighting — specially vivid daylight — can significantly affect the appearance of the display.


All Android telephones vary slightly, and so, too, do the cameras they offer. some Android handsets provide three-megapixel cameras whilst others % in eight megapixels. a few provide front-going through cameras for video conferencing, whilst others best offer rear-going through cameras for shooting pix and films. And while all Android telephones will file video similarly to shooting nonetheless snap shots, not all achieve this in HD. ensure that the handset you choose has the digital camera you want.


now not all Android phones run the identical model of the Android OS, and now not they all gets up to date to the modern model of the OS as quickly because it’s available. This, the fractured nature of the Android OS, is certainly one of its finest weaknesses, and it means that you need to ask questions earlier than shopping for your Android cellphone. find out what model of the Android OS it will likely be going for walks whilst you purchase it, and ask the carrier while (or if) it will be up to date to a more moderen model.

For greater statistics, see Android OS: powerful, Customizable, and complicated.

whilst Android’s update agenda can be perplexing, it is definitely made viable with the aid of one in every of Android’s finest strengths: its open-source historical past. meaning that all and sundry can expand apps for Android, so the brilliant choice of apps already available within the Android marketplace have to continue to grow.


The open nature of the Android platform also approach that it is viable to make changes to the appearance and feel of the OS itself. which means that an Android cellphone made via HTC can also perform a chunk in a different way than one made by means of Samsung. some manufacturers put overlays on pinnacle of the Android OS, which modify its interface slightly. Samsung, as an example, makes use of its TouchWiz interface, which provides widgets that allow you to get right of entry to numerous telephone capabilities and online sources (like social networks) greater without problems. Motorola, meanwhile, offers a MotoBlur interface, which aggregates information from a ramification of social networks and offers it to you in a continuously-up to date feed.

those overlays or interfaces range from manufacturer to producer, and from telephone to cellphone. Motoblur, for instance, will look lots one-of-a-kind on a cellphone with a 3-inch display screen than it’ll on a smartphone with a 4.3-inch display. on every occasion you have the danger, strive out the telephone before you purchase it, so you recognize what the enjoy of the use of it will be like.


Timing honestly is everything, specifically whilst it comes to shopping for an Android smartphone. New Android phones are announced all of the time, so state-of-the-art brilliant, new probably the greatest Android smartphone could be antique information by way of tomorrow. that does not imply you need to hold off on buying a brand new smartphone, although. It simply method you must take some time and do your studies. make sure the Android cellphone you purchase these days is the one that you are going to need a month from now — or even a year from now.

earlier than making a buy, study up on the quality Android telephones currently to be had, at the same time as additionally gaining knowledge of new Android telephones a good way to be released quickly.

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