How to Do SEO for small Websites

Not all websites are big or having lot of content. That doesn’t mean small websites don’t have any right to be rank higher in search engines specially Google search engine. Yes its true search engine rank websites according it its popularity and that popularity comes through relevant and fresh content. During all these days Google is constantly updating the ranking algorithms and it is very dynamic and getting more and more accurate against the time. But not all websites the very big there are lot of corporate websites and small business websites are there which is having very less number of pages. And their owner always worried about their ranking in Google search. Now I will explain few tips which if you follow your website will definitely attain significant change in page ranking.
First of all you have to see that the html tags are error free and the website should be responsive.
HML Tags are used properly and no depreciated tags are used. It is always better to avoid depreciated tags and CSS syntaxes.
Proper use of H1 and H2 tags along with links and p tags. Images should have alt and title tags filled with proper naming convention which really reflect what the images is all about.
As we all know Google love fresh content. So first of all you should have relevant content which should be easy to understand. You need to update the content regularly. Your content should have the relevant keywords on it and keywords should also appear in H1 and H2 Tags for better visibility.
All images should be optimized for sizes as page load time is very important factor for Google especially for mobile devices. There should be no broken links and 301 page errors.
These are small things that anyone can do to rank higher in Google search engine ranking. Still if you are not getting higher rank then you must be competing for very high traffic key words and you need the help of a professional company to score high in the competition.

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