Ecommerce websites vs ecommerce apps

During last two years I have found few of websites have shut down their websites and are available as mobile app. If you go to their website they will ask you to download the app. A have also downloaded their app also. Because at first I am a technology enthusiast person and don’t want to lose to see how they are performing. It was also fund that a lot of companies are planning to move to mobile by leaving the website. I have found that apps are very personal choice and everyone has different priorities. So if a person is a seasonal buyer from ecommerce website then there is very less change that he is going to download and install any ecommerce app. Even if he downloaded and install it, he might be uninstalling it against any other app which he will felt more important. Mobile phones are coming with less space which ultimately made the user to be very particular about the apps he installs. The other way is people are work in workstations and they do most of the work from their workstations only. People don’t work from smart phones. Though smart phones are incomparable when it comes to check and reply emails or messages on the move but that is very limited you may struggle with the attachments etc. So while working you need workstations and you use the browser to surf the websites you like. So workstations are still there in workplaces and in our homes and smart phones cannot remove them till something totally new technology arrived which we can just imagine now. Other is the visual area. Lot of people is comfortable with the bigger sized browser and they are happy with that and they also know the limitations of small screen size. So is it the right choice for any company to go ahead only with a mobile app for ecommerce kind of thing. My answer will be no. if you are a marketer your first and most important priority is to make your products available to the customers easily. Don’t make them to work more or be specific to be your customer. For an online ecommerce business you must try to reach your customers with all the popular available media such that your presence can be always acknowledged. This is very important and your success depends on that. I have seen entrepreneurs move to mobile only and they find that it’s just one medium to reach the customers. And they again started working on the websites.

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