Google also wants mobile first Websites

Nowadays most of the people search for information through mobile only and thus desktop has taken the bake seat in this area and there is no chance that it will again can came back to the main seat for users. The advance in the technology filed has made people to connect with the internet everywhere and thus mobile handsets become the part of the life. As of now most of the searches happen from mobile and thus google has started working in the algorithms with mobile first in their mind and thus at affects lot of websites. As they have to rework and make their website tuned for mobile devices with all good practices.
Earlier google use to index websites with desktop version in mind but recently they announced that they are changing the way of indexing and thus mobile become one of the main indexing factor in this scenario and thus it will definitely going to affect the desktop version only website. Google is encouraging its tools to focus on mobile indexing such that the search can be made more mobile relevant.
Now in this given scenario what you are supposed to do and how you can cater the existing website to make it mobile ready for searches. Below are the few of the things that, we identified need to do such that can make our website mobile search friendly.
Work on the markups first of all. Check that it should be mobile friendly
Please avoid unnecessary markups that is not required or depreciated
Your mobile friendly website should be crawlable
Use various tools to check your website for mobile ready
Reduce the extra CSS and other files what you find not required
Optimize the images for mobiles
Work in page speed timing. Make it as short as possible
Don’t get panic just start working in your website and start doing changes in the areas where you find work need to done. Check your website output for mobile and again rework on the areas where you find that you can improve it more.

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