How to find a Good SEO Company to promote your business online

Today we are going to talk about how to choose a good SEO company from the crowd and make yourself guaranteed that your website SEO is in correct hands. Nowadays SEO and online marketing companies are popping up every day and claims that they are the best SEO Company in the town. There is nothing wrong into it after all they have to make business and there is nothing wrong into it. But many a times we find companies landed with bad SEO companies and suffered a lot, lose businesses and above all got a very horrible experience with them.
Choosing a reputed SEO company is a tough Job as it is very difficult for a company to find the professional company who can do the perfect SEO for her. Here, what I have tried to do is to explain some point, if any company follow these points,  they might be able to differentiate the SEO company from the crowd and able to identify whether the company is good to hire or not.
First of all always ask for reference. See and match their real work with the keywords and whether they appeared according to claims or not. Always ask for existing reference client number or email id. If they hesitate to provide then there might be something wrong. As there is nothing wrong to provide the email ids of the client if the SEO Company is doing well for them and most of the time they refer the SEO Company, if they are doing well for them.
Secondly ask the SEO Company, what they are going to do. If they said Google is looking for this and that and they said they have some secrets etc. and cannot tell you anything about that as it is there secret then, really they are lying, SEO is simple to do and you only approached them as you want someone experienced person to do that and its very open for everyone. A perfect SEO company will first listen to your goals and Suggest you what need to be done to achieve them and they start working for the goals with clear milestones followed by crystal clear reports every week.

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