Still your website is not responsive?

If you fall into the owners of non-responsive website category then it is better to have no website then a non-responsive one.  Now it’s really long and almost all the websites have been converted to responsive. Long back google have started giving weightage to responsive websites when compared with non-responsive one and now it become undeclared mandate that your website should be responsive. All the front end design frameworks are coming with inbuilt responsive functionalities.
More of that each and every framework is keeping mobile first design in mind so now you can easily understand how the responsiveness is important for your website.
Due to large number of user are having smart phones and most of them accessing your website form their smart phones only and if your website is not responsive there is no chance that you can hold the audience. We have find that traffic from mobile device is more than the traffic from desktop and the gap is increasing day by day in favor of mobile devices. So it’s become very important for you to convert your website to responsive as soon as possible.
While converting you your website to responsive you must keep many things in your mind. The first thing is the size of the device is a biggest challenge. In desktop version you can keep much of the content but while coming to mobile you should stick with the important things first, then only you can retain the traffic. Other thing is the bandwidth. Still many mobiles phones are relying in 2G data and thus rendering of your website will be very difficult or time consuming process if your website’s page size is large. You have to optimize everything to make your website suitable for the Mobile device and it should be fast to navigate else you will be losing the traffic.

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