Why email Marketing?

Yes, it is 2016 and still we are talking about email marketing. The concept of email marketing is as old as emails. From its nascent stage, until now we have seen lot of changes in email marketing. During early days emails are very easy to send, there was not much restriction, and people are getting emails in their inbox. People are happy on getting promotional mails from various marketing agencies, as there are very few unwanted emails are coming. However, it become very ugly as days passes. People are getting thousands of email on their inbox and because of this, they miss their important emails. Lot of tools came and email service providers come up with solutions and tools to spam those emails. Technology brings improved tools and inbox become stricter for unwanted emails.

Marketers design new methodologies to create interest among the users. They give many types of offers, freebees and much different kind of things, which can bring the users in their opting list, such that they can be in touch with them via either newsletters, freebees or any other information, which creates some interest for the user to be in touch with the marketing company.

Still I would like to say email campaign is one of the best marketing tool if it done properly. It you are able to run your email campaign properly then your ROI will be high as compared with many other marketing campaigns. Nowadays lot of email campaign tools are available like mail chimp-which will not only send mails but also give you in-depth analytics analysis, which can help you to create strategies for your marketing campaigns. By using, these tools you can easily see how many people opened it, how many people click the links and you can learn much more about the user behavior.  As a whole, we can say it is a great marketing tool to reach your customers.

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