Back-links in SEO

Whenever I am taking to someone about SEO and if he is having some knowledge about search engines. The first question I face is about the backlinks in SEO. In the initial days when search engines are in their nascent stage, backlinks are one of the main important factor for the search engine optimization (SEO). Now in 2016 it is obsolete, and really, it does not help you if you are following the same technique by submitting your website in thousands of websites and linking back to your website for generating traffic.

Due to the back-link factor, lot of auto submission tools came in the market like Scrape box.  Which can create thousands of back-links within minutes but today really it makes sense? My answer is NO; it will not help you.

Nowadays search engines become very smart and algorithms become very complex and getting better day by day. There are thousands of factor that are affecting your website’s rank and it is difficult to tell which is important and which is not.

Now the question is shall I completely abandoned this back-link and concentrate on other SEO activities, then it not like that if you have some back-links from high authority websites then it will affect your rank somewhere positively against your competitors. Try to have very good content for your website. There should be no duplicate content. If you content is worth and informative, might you have chances that some good high authority websites will refer your website for the content. If it happens to your website then it is well and good. So be natural in your content and do not engage yourself in link building process actively. Let google find you as a better content provider. Automatically google will rank you higher in its search engine. Let others websites or blogs refer you for classy and informative content. These activities will really help you then just randomly running for back-links, which can blacklist your website.


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