Few Common reasons for software project failures

If you are client and outsource your software development work regularly to software development companies or you are working in a software development company then there are huge changes that you have seen projects never get launched or client pull the project back or projects get scrapped. Many a times you can see this kind of situations and might have tried to understand why these projects never launched. But there are few points and if you know those points then you can easily avoid these things to make the software project a success.
First of all client have to be very clear what they want. It is primary duty of the client to document as much as possible such that the goal of the product should be very clear. If you document everything then might be what initially is not clear, will be get clear by the time you complete your documentation work.Wire framing, logics and database schemas should be done and tested thoroughly such that the idea and the plan of execution of the project can be done perfectly.
The experience of the software development company is also very necessary. Along with that the company’s feedback from previous clients is very necessary. A professional software company always help the client to draw the plan if they are lagging on that. So it will always better for the client to discuss as much as possible in the requirement gathering stage.
Many a times clients don’t know what they exactly they want and they keep on changing their requirements and thus the software also keep on changing and at the end there will be no output from the developed software. Due to frustration software development company try to comes out of the situation. It mostly happen with small software development companies as they didn’t make proper requirement gathering as getting the project is the first priority in their mind.
So it will always better to plan and document everything that you find is required to develop the software perfectly.

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