Is Backlinks still helpful?

Nowadays lot of new SEO guys are asking whether backlinks are as useful as they used to be to rank higher in search engine ranking then our answer is yes, backlinks really matters but there is a huge change in the google algorithms and we have to understand this. Google consider lot of factors to rank a page and a SEO expert does lot of experiments to identify those factors. Though once backlinks are one of the important factors but it changes its importance according to time. Google have given good amount of privilege to other factors which they think important but still backlink have its importance and it will remain its weightage whenever ranking is consider. Now the question arises that if it is important so we must keep on increasing backlinks to our website to rank higher.  Then please don’t do that. Google will punish the ranking of your website.
You should create backlinks with the website which should have higher domain authority.  A backlinks in a website which is having a higher domain authority will be 100 times better than any other websites which is having very low domain authority. Suppose if you website is having one backlink in websites like msn is 100 time better than 100 backlinks in other websites as the authenticity of MSN is extremely higher in market. And thus google will consider that link as important when compared as the website having this backlink is having very high domain authority. Getting a backlink from such websites with higher domain authority is not easy and you should and must provide content which should add value. Yes the process is slow to get such backlinks from those kind of websites but it is worth to work on those areas then blindly creating backlinks which actually become obsolete in the present scenario. SO the best think is to half plan which will help you to have few backlinks from very high domain authority websites. Now it upto you how you plan to get those kind of backlinks.

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