Threemost important questions that you ask to your SEO Company

How you are going to improve my websites search engine ranking?
This is the first question that you should ask the SEO Company. The answer to this will definitely going to help you to evaluate the authenticity and capability of the company. All the company answer this question differently but it will give you the inputs to identify and evaluate them. Mostly they will explain what they are going to do with your website to rank it higher in the search engines. Which starts with the audit of the website, generating initial audit reports. And start working according to that and improve the things to make your website SEO friendly. It includes working in the HTML structure, content of the websites with important tags and Meta data optimization according to the keywords and keyword phases. Then doing the offline marketing activities like promoting you website in various other websites, doing social media marketing, link building etc.  If a company is not able to explain all these things properly please avoid them, they will take your website nowhere.
When I can expect the result?
This is the second most important question that you must ask your SEO Company. IT takes month of time to bring a website in higher position in search engines. Lot of work need to do in proper direction with an effective strategy then only there will be improvements. Any companies promising overnight improvement in the ranking is not good to associate with, be aware of those companies.
How can I evaluate the work you are doing?
Every professional SEO company gives you a perfect reports every week. Most of them have very user friendly and easy to understandable formats. They will fill it and send it to you. Just by seeing the reports you can easily find how much work is done, what is the improvement your website achieved. If a company is not providing reports regularly then it is always better to come out as they are not working in your website.
Just asking these three question will save you lot of time and money. And help you to identify a proper SEO company who can help you to achieve your goal.

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