Is Domain Name is really very important?

Lot of people asked us this question, is domain name is really important? This is also very common question for newbie SEO professionals. If you asked us this question few years ago, may we told you that yes, it is important but now it’s hardly matters as most of the domain names  have taken and Google search algorithms understand this long back and thus fine-tune its search process accordingly.
Google consider many different things while ranking your page. Google and many other Search engines is getting more and more accurate, thanks to their algorithms which they uses to rank the pages. SEO experts are always fine tuning their website and do lot of on page and off page activities to make their page more relevant to google when the users use certain keywords to find relevant searches. If domain new is really have certain high weightage in google search then those domains will attain the highest positions with the matching keywords but that is not the scenario and you can check it.
It doesn’t mean you should be get settled by any domain name. Your first preference while choosing the domain name will be your brand name but if it is common and someone have taken that then you should not be worried and try to get something which is relevant to your service or try to get a domain name which might be combination of your brand name with some other relevant keyword but at the end it should make sense to the end user and you must be able to associate your brand with the domain name. Don’t thing that the brand name will affect your SEO if you didn’t able to purchase the absolute domain name. You can ask this question to any SEO expert and his answer will be same as what we said in this article.

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