What to do when your Website SEO ranking falls.

Many a times SEO experts face this situation when they type the keywords in Google search bar and find that there is drop in the ranking of their website. They start thinking why this drop in ranking in my website, I did everything to attain this position. They answer could be many but we want to list few things which are the common mistakes that any SEO expert does while that are doing SEO for them or for their clients.
After attain the position most of the SEO experts stop doing much into it as they thing this position is permanent which is the biggest mistake as each and every other company is trying to attend the position. So don’t lose the pace and continue your effort to retain the position.
The second reason we find suddenly there is a change in Google algorithms and thus your position is lost. It requires some amount of understanding and following Google to identify how the rank got affected due to the new algorithms once you identify the gap; start working into it and crosscheck every time to see that you are going in the right direction.
Thirst reason we find that might be your competitor is doing well in their SEO efforts and you are losing the position because of their work on their website. So don’t get panic in this situation. SEO is a continuous process and if you lose the position you can easily re gain it, if you are following the trend and continuous with your SEO process. A competitor’s analysis will also help you to understand the shift and thus fine-tune your plan accordingly.
Google is changing its algorithm every day if not in a major way. Those changes are there to make the search more effective and refined. And we have to accept that and thus work according to be more relevant in such situation.

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