What should be there in your home page of your website?

It is a very common question that what should be there in home page to make it more attractive and SEO friendly. Though the answer is not as simple as each and every website is different in nature and their target audience and purpose is different. You cannot apply the same rule for a news website and a corporate website as there are very different in their nature. So let us be more specific and target the corporate website and then try the answer the question. A corporate website should be professional and should be able to communicate your services and products properly with your visiting audience. Sao a developer company must follow the below five rules to make their website more professional and SEO friendly.
Give priority to the content
Don’t try to put as much as content in the home page. It will confuse the visitor and they may go away from your website and never come back. First of all try to priorities the content. Make the headings more appealing and understandable to the target audience. Put less but important content which clearly tells about your services and offerings.
There should be clear display of action buttons
Whenever you find the requirement to put action buttons use it in bold. Make the button more clear and visible to the user such that it should make their search more precise. It brings them directly to the required page without putting much effort and it saves their time also.
Make the navigation more simple
Don’t clutter the website menu with lot of links as it will be very confusing for the user to navigate. If at all your menu is very big and has many levels. Please organize it in priority and importance basis such that user should be able to navigate the website without getting distracted and losing the interest.
Make the banner which should clearly communicate with your audience properly about your services and products. User should not struggle to interpret your services by seeing your banner. At the same time image optimization and all image related tags should be properly used in the banners to rank the page higher in search engines
Don’t be too flashy with animations
We don’t ask you to stop putting animations to your website. If it is used wisely you can make your website more interesting. But we will ask you to restrain animation from corporate websites as it lost the seriousness.

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