When you migrate your website from one domain to other domain

Lot of companies faced this scenario at least once in their lifetime when they need to migrate or change the domain of their website or at least they did it for one of their client. Migration from test server to production sever is a common scenario and every software company is doing that on day to day basis. But changing to domain is also not uncommon now a days; whatsoever may be the reason like you got the domain which you are looking for long but was blocked by some other user etc.
Here we would like to discuss few points which are very relevant when you are changing your website domain. First of all you need to work in the http:// and www issues such that the website should be consider as one and redirection should be catered for that. This is very important for search engines to refer you domain. In case of migration from one domain to other domain you also need to redirect the pages to your new website. We call that process as 301 redirect.
Now a question arises is what 301 redirect is. So we can say a 301 redirect is a permanent redirect from one URL to another URL. Thus a 301 redirect the visitors and the search engines to the new pointed URL then the original URL which is typed by the visitors and directs the search engines in the same way.
This way you are making the links relevant and your website is reachable though you changed the domain. It also helps the search engines to redirect the visitors to the page which might be not possible if no 301 redirection is done.
If you would like to ask about temporary redirect and permanent redirect we would like to say permanent 301 page redirect is much better for search engine optimization when compared to temporary redirect The reason behind this is 301 permanent redirect transfers the inbound links from the redirected domain to the intended one, which benefits the website preserve its SEO rankings and prevent any loss of traffic.

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