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Nowadays you can find lot of single pager websites. You need to scroll down to view the complete website you don’t need to go to a new web page, everything you can find in the same page. Most of the sites are designed by using css3 and javascript which ultimately gives a wow feeling to the website. I would like to say some designers designed really very stunning designs and used some very unique creativity on the page to make the website different. Parallax scrolling are used to make the design more appealing. Mostly I found these kinds of websites are used to display mobile applications and games. Some time I found this design is very suitable for the company dealing with one or two product types.

These kind of websites are effective when designers would like to use his creativity by using story telling method. It also creates interest among the user if the design is done. Less content to read and more graphical representation. It also gives enough space to the designer to use his creativity to fullest. Most of the time I found these websites very interesting on content and eye catchy designs. Everyday new designs are coming which raises the benchmark for the designers and programmers. If we compare the designs from 2000 and now it’s beyond comparisons in every aspects. The javascript effects have really changed the feel of the websites. Sites are becoming more and more interactive and engaging which ultimately help the site owners to get more traffic to their site.

But along with advantages it has lot of limitations. This design is not at all suitable for enterprise level portals. Cannot accommodate much of content. Lot of people are not ready to accept the design for serious corporate websites. It is also not suitable for news websites or for magazine websites. Sometime single page is treated like landing page and not as a complete website. For every industry there is certain designs which suits them more and they want their designers to be creative within that boundary.

But at the end we can say it fits best when it matches the requirement and in future we can see lot of single page websites with very unique and creative designs. This ever-changing web have lot to offer to its users and designers and developers are working day and night to attain that.

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