What is php frameworks? And why to use it.

Using PHP for writing server side scripts is the most common and popular practice in web development. The popularity of PHP is in its simplicity. It is actually loosely typed scripting language, which is very easy to learn and write as compared with other languages like java. Any newbie can learn it very easily and thus there are huge changes that he will write code is very vulnerable to hackers. I mean to say due to its loose coding architecture it is very easy to hack as compared to any other mainstream language. Any it’s very common practice for the coders to write code, which is not standard and secured.

I do not want to say that all the programmers who write code in core php are writing the bad code. With their experience, they might be writing the best code. In addition, maintain a very good structure with well-commented code snippets but there are very few who can maintain the proper structure, which will be say to understand for the other programmers. Moreover, it is found that each programmers have different writing style when compared with the other programmers.

Thus, Frameworks come into existence. Php frameworks like Codeigniter, laravel and zend are very good frameworks available free of cost for the developers. Frameworks provides a very strong foundation for the coders. They can use this foundation to write code in top of that to save both time and cost. Frameworks comes with excellent common libraries, which help you to write less number of lines and get your work done. Frameworks are well tasted for security and thus, when you are using frameworks you can cater lot of security issues. Frameworks help you to manage the code in a very effective way. Frameworks will help you to scale your application without any trouble. Therefore, as a whole we can say it is always better to use frameworks when you are developing application in teams.

Thinking to use php framework. We will suggest you to go ahead with Codeigniter, as it is very easy to learn, lightweight and easy to configure.

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