Relevance of backlinks in 2017

Backlinks are always a hot issue for SEO experts and each and every SEO experts have their own version of it. Few experts says it’s completely irrelevant now a days and google don’t care much about it. Where other still stick with their view that it is always one of the important factor in ranking your website. So, today we are going to discuss weather backlinks lost its relevance or still it matters for the search engines.

After doing our own research we find that websites which are created for promoting backlinks or link exchange website become totally irrelevant nowadays search engine are constantly working in this matter and once they find the website is doing backlink promotion or link exchange, it immediately make them irrelevant and thus it will be of no use how many backlinks your website will have from these kind of websites. Really they don’t make any changes in your website ranking. Everyday thousands of directories are popping up in the web and thus directory listing etc. also become of no use unless you are in some of the top directories but it again will not of much help as everyone is present there along with your competitors. And thus it will not of much help.

So what to do such that backlinks will help you to gain some ranking weightage.  First of all try to understand backlink is long process and you need substantiate amount of time and patience to work in this area. You should try to publish content which will be relevant for masses, they those come and read your articles or blogs that you are posting in other blogging website. Do take care that those websites should have higher domain authority when compared with others.If you continue posting articles which are relevant for the users and audience comes to read them then definitely your website and backlink will making some sense and there are chances that these backlinks will give some weightage to your website.

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