How XML sitemap helps in SEO and how important it is?

As we always Says SEO is ever changing process and it has to be else search engines cannot become smarter. XML map is one of the very important factors for any website and there are lot of confusions are there about it. Today we are going to discuss few of the important points which are very important but people might not know about them

First of all we would to clear that Google is indexing and crawling pages through even if you don’t have a XML sitemap. Google crawls pages and always try to index them if they find the content is relevant. Now, how Google find the importance of the page, we will discuss some other day and we can guess on that area only. But due to our research and experience we can say something relevant about that. SO the relevance of the content is very important. We don’t say that you don’t use XML sitemap for indexing and we must insist you to create a XML site map for your website and submit it to Google. Yes it is relevant and your website will definitely get some SEO advantage with that effort.

But the most important question is what you should do with your XML sitemap. First of all create a site map with all of your important pages. This wills clarify from your end to Google that these pages are important for your website and consider them for indexing it’s like referring the pages to Google for indexing. Google will consider those pages according to its algorithm for relevancy and page importance and index them. Other thing always do take care that pages what you are submitting are really important for your website, just don’t submit all the pages which actually having no meaning. We have seen people are submitting all the pages in their website which actually won’t help you. If properly done sitemaps are very helpful for your website to be identified in Google or other search engines.

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