What should you do for Search Engine Optimization in 2017?

If you ask the first thing about SEO to any digital marketing expert, he will say this is every changing process and it is keep on improving day and day. SEO is always there and it will be there with search engines. Since the inceptions of search engines SEO become one of the main important factor for ranking websites.As time changes and engines become smarter for the searches so as SEO experts also changes its strategies to become relevant and effective.
When, we are taking about the present SEO scenario. The complete search got changed with the use of artificial intelligence and it will affect the complete search engines as they have taken this very seriously and doing everything to increase the effect of AI. We have seen SEO Experts and companies who are doing very well in their business now running short of clients as they are not able to learn the change that are happening with the SEO. So what should companies or freelance SEO experts should do such that they can be effective in market.
Few of the things that they can do like they have to keep the mobile first strategy in mind as 70 percent of traffic is coming from mobile only. They need to optimize their site perfectly for mobile. SEO experts should concentrate activities which will bring traffic to their website and bale to retain them as if bounce rate increases the domain authority diminishes. Need to promote their websites on those website which is having higher domain authority and also need to avoid anything which  comes under link spamming as once black listed it will very difficult to come into the market and compete.
Apart of that perfect social media and other digital marketing need to be done such that audience should come to your website with valid reason.

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