Tips to handle small web designing Projects

Though handling small project are always easier to deals with but at some moment of time we stick with clients who are very demanding. Let us have a client who said he need a website consisting of five page only and you accepted the project and think it can be completed within four day. You did not write much of documentation and with minimum formalities in mail, you started the project. You submitted the first design and clients did not accept. Then when you ask what kind of design, you are looking for. He will immediately send you a list of website, which are designed and developed by very big studios. You can also deliver the same output but you need budget to do that. Client is not ready to pay any extra single penny. Anyways you took the pain, created something similar to that, and send it back to the client for approval. Client ask you to do changes here and there. Now few more website links with comments as if I want this banner. I want exact this kind of animations and so on and on. Now you are at the tenth day on this project. So literally, you are in loss. In addition, I am very much sure every web designing company had faced this kind of situation. Now, How to handle such situations. Below are the few points if you consider you will never face a situation like that.

Create a strong documentation template. Like at this cost you can get following front-end technology. Restrict the mockups to two or three designs. If client ask for more ask for more payments. Beware of pixel perfect clients as now designs are responsive and attain exactly as the psds is expensive clear this to the client. Stick with the timelines. It will be always better to ask before signing the contract like what kind of website you are looking for any reference. Once you get the reference quote according to that and do not entertain non-sense.

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