Difference Between Prominence and Proximity

In this article, I will discuss very important elements of SEO, which is called prominence and proximity. We know many other factors, which are affecting the google search, but on-page optimization is very important as you can do it now with your web pages and you have full control in it. So let me explain what is prominence and proximity.

Keyword Prominence

Keyword prominence mentions how prominent keywords are within the given web page. Now generally we can tell that you need to put your keywords or keyword phases at the beginning of the web page. You have to put the keywords in the title of the web page along with that you need to insert them in the Meta description as well as Meta keywords. Then you should take care that you important keywords and keyword phases will appear in heading tags like H1 and H2 tags along with that it will be better to make them appear in the beginning or we can say first sentence of the content part of your article.


Keyword Proximity

Keyword proximity denotes to the closeness between two or more keywords. Thus, we can say as much as close the keywords are they are more important for the search engines. Let me explain it with an example

Suppose a website contains the keywords that make up the search term “Hyderabad decorators” in the sentence “Hyderabad decorators association declares holiday on 25th oct”. The search term proximity between “Hyderabad” and “decorators” is excellent, actually in this case there is no words between but you don’t need to do this forcefully, So we can say the smaller the distance between a search term’s individual keywords, the more relevant it will be from a search engine’s perspective.

You have to consider both the proximity and prominence factors while writing any article. However, do take care that you are not spamming your article. As I said earlier, if the quality of article get affected due to this you may not get desired result.


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