Few Effective off-page SEO techniques

Every day thousands people are starting blogs and they might be trying to know what is SEO or might be trying to learn how to do that. Especially SEO can be split into two main categories. The first one is on-page SEO and the other one is off-page SEO.  On page SEO is nothing but the internal optimization of the pages where it is done to get the desired traffic to the website.
Off-page is the process where SEO experts concentrate their activities in the internet. Like blogs, social media, bookmarking, article submission etc.
Here we will discuss more elaborately those activities which are very important for off page SEO and cannot be avoided. Below are the few important areas where you need to concentrate your off pageactivities to achieve higher ranking in various search engines.
Social Media
It is one of the very important place where you need to stand very strong. Nowadays everybody is having their presence in these social media platforms and you need to promote here website in these platforms to divert traffic to your website. Now it become so important that many companies are giving very serious attention to this and spend lot of money to create high social reputation for them. You have to regularly post interesting articles etc. to these social media websites such that you should attend substantiate no of followers and get likes. Its along process but worth to invest into it as it fetch very good results.
Creating a blog for your website will be another important aspect of off page SEO. Writing content in interesting and related topics can bring substantiate amount of traffic to your website. I have seen lot of companies are maintain their blogs very actively and put very informative content which make visitors to visit the website again and again
Though backlinks become the highly controversial area to speak and it was also in the web that google is not giving much value to it but still having backlinks in very highly repeated websites can increase you ranking in search engines
Local Business
This is one more area where you should be concentrating to get the local traffic to your website. It brings lot of local traffic to your website. You need to register with the search engine website to use this option.
There are lot of other things that can be done to get the offline traffic that we will discuss in our future posts.

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