How to handle software Projects

Today we are going to talk about how to handle software projects. When we are talking about software projects, it comes into many different sizes. It can be big, medium or small. Sometimes it can be simple as well as complex.  We are going to avoid talk about big and complex projects as big companies handle them and they have excellent dedicated teams to handle those kind of projects. We will talk about small and medium size projects. Most of the time we find that client need some kind of software but do not know anything more than that. The developer company’s role starts from there. It became the job of the developer company to write down the requirements first then re check the requirements with the client. By this time client knows what they want. But still its half way only. Client need to know the functionalities of the software. As well as the flow, business rules etc.

This is the job of the developer company to document everything before start the work. This will save lot of time and money for the developer company. Once business rules and functionalities are set you can start the development work.

This will not help the developer company but the client’s expectation. Client will know what they are going to get at the end. Therefore, the expectations are very clear.

We find that if documentation is not done properly then lot of new functionalities will comes up during the development of the project and developer company suffers in cost as most of the time client will not ready to pay because they think that the new functionalities are the part of the contract though it is not. A developer company can easily avoid those kind of conflicts by clearly writing the functionalities of the software.

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