My site is well optimized but still not ranked

I have found lot of new SEO guys are asking me this question. They did all the required on page optimization. They use their keywords in heading tags and links. They used keywords in URLs. Optimize the URL for better search engine ranking. And use the keywords perfectly in the content still they didn’t rank. SO what they didn’t did. The answer is they didn’t did the audit. Like whether the website is indexed with google or not. Most of the time it happens with the people who are new to SEO. So first of all index the website. Create all the necessary things for http:// and www. Once you are done with this you need to index all the pages with the google make them to crawl the website. Make necessary changes for no follow and do follow links.
Now once this indexing is done properly then you need to jump into the next step. Here you need to check your website against the target keywords and keywords phases. Much of work is not required as you have already optimized the website. Once you started checking the website automatically you will find your rank. It will gradually increase as your website is indexed and optimized but now you need to improve and tweak your content.
Here onwards you need to work on other off page activities also which is as important as on page optimization. You need to register your website with all well-known directories and forums. There should be excellent link building process need to be followed. You must ensure that your website should have links in higher domain authority websites. You have to see that your company should have strong presence in social media and other online promotional media. You should be well active interesting content in social media. Should take part in discussing and give valuable solutions where people should find your solutions useful. All these things will affect your website ranking positively and rank it higher in search engines.
Apart of all these, google is actively working in google search engine to provide more relevant searches and thus they keep on upgrading their algorithms. And your awareness towards that is very necessary to react accordingly. It is a continuous process and you have to upgrade according to that. I hope this will help you to begin with your website ranking.

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