How to choose a SEO friendly domain for your brand

To achieve maximum form your SEO activities. You need to take every SEO step and activities very seriously and choosing a domain is very important as it has to reflect you brand as well as it should support your SEO process. Nowadays it become very competitive to a get your desired domain as most of the domain has taken by some other guys for their company name or for re-selling purpose at very higher rates. Anyways it doesn’t mean that you should not try for what you want. But before choosing for a domain you must keep few points in mind when you are choosing the domain.
First of all try to get a domain in your brand name. If your brand name is very common then it will be very impossible to get the domain as it might have taken long back by some other company. So you might try to add some other amalgamation of words with your brand name. But it will again you need to take care that it should not be very long as if you choose a domain which is very long that it will be very difficult for the visitors to type your domain name. Please keep it into mind that it should not be more than fourteen characters, more than that will be long to type.

Second choose either .com,, etc. which may give you more higher domain authority then going for, .cc or something which will look new to the visitors. It you want to go for local market it is always better to choose country wise domain. Suppose you want to make an online presence in UK and your domain is something like then it is good for SEO for UK.
Sometime the presence of the target keyword always add some value to your SEO effort and some point it will help you against your competitors. Though not much as google not only sees the domain but their algorithms are very intelligent and captures lot of many other things from your website along with many offline activities.
At the end it will always be better to get the domain name in your brand name and if not at least try to get the name which can be associated with your brand directly. It will help you to build your brand in the market.

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