How Social Media Marketing is Different than Traditional Marketing

social media

Marketing is very dynamic subject and no one can explain it 100 percent. Everyone is having his own perception about marketing as they have different kind of experiences with the kind of product or services they handled. And it’s obvious also as each and every product or services are of different nature ant their marketing strategies changes according to them. But the platforms are more or less common for any marketing strategy. Let us consider the social media. It has bring huge potential for marketers to market their products and reach their target audience. Companies are investing heavily in social media marketing.
They have hired best of the best social media marketing experts to promote their products and services. When compared with traditional marketing told like television commercials, radio ads or newspaper advertisements, it’s different. Social media is talking more about inbound marketing. Nowadays people are spending more time in internet as compared with television newspaper or radio. The thus the nature of traditional marketing also got affected due to this. Companies are focused in social media marketing with same interest as they does for TV, radio or newspaper advertisements.
Social media has swiftly assimilated itself with the population, it has created a great impact in the life of consumers about the products and services. Social media marketing have its own advantages when compared with traditional marketing.
First it create a kind of space where you can interact. Suppose there is a product you can wrote about your experiences with the product and at the same time others can also participate in it, so you are making the discussion very engaging where other people can also know more about the product Secondly the cost is fraction to any traditional marketing medium like TV, Radio, Newspaper advertisements or billboards. The results are measurable and thus you can change the strategy after seeing the results and thus you can save a lot of money to be get wasted.
Though we all know that social media marketing is time consuming process and it need marketers to work dedicatedly and wisely. Along with that marketing managers also need to be flexible with their campaigns.

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How to handle software Projects


Today we are going to talk about how to handle software projects. When we are talking about software projects, it comes into many different sizes. It can be big, medium or small. Sometimes it can be simple as well as complex.  We are going to avoid talk about big and complex projects as big companies handle them and they have excellent dedicated teams to handle those kind of projects. We will talk about small and medium size projects. Most of the time we find that client need some kind of software but do not know anything more than that. The developer company’s role starts from there. It became the job of the developer company to write down the requirements first then re check the requirements with the client. By this time client knows what they want. But still its half way only. Client need to know the functionalities of the software. As well as the flow, business rules etc.

This is the job of the developer company to document everything before start the work. This will save lot of time and money for the developer company. Once business rules and functionalities are set you can start the development work.

This will not help the developer company but the client’s expectation. Client will know what they are going to get at the end. Therefore, the expectations are very clear.

We find that if documentation is not done properly then lot of new functionalities will comes up during the development of the project and developer company suffers in cost as most of the time client will not ready to pay because they think that the new functionalities are the part of the contract though it is not. A developer company can easily avoid those kind of conflicts by clearly writing the functionalities of the software.

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My site is well optimized but still not ranked


I have found lot of new SEO guys are asking me this question. They did all the required on page optimization. They use their keywords in heading tags and links. They used keywords in URLs. Optimize the URL for better search engine ranking. And use the keywords perfectly in the content still they didn’t rank. SO what they didn’t did. The answer is they didn’t did the audit. Like whether the website is indexed with google or not. Most of the time it happens with the people who are new to SEO. So first of all index the website. Create all the necessary things for http:// and www. Once you are done with this you need to index all the pages with the google make them to crawl the website. Make necessary changes for no follow and do follow links.
Now once this indexing is done properly then you need to jump into the next step. Here you need to check your website against the target keywords and keywords phases. Much of work is not required as you have already optimized the website. Once you started checking the website automatically you will find your rank. It will gradually increase as your website is indexed and optimized but now you need to improve and tweak your content.
Here onwards you need to work on other off page activities also which is as important as on page optimization. You need to register your website with all well-known directories and forums. There should be excellent link building process need to be followed. You must ensure that your website should have links in higher domain authority websites. You have to see that your company should have strong presence in social media and other online promotional media. You should be well active interesting content in social media. Should take part in discussing and give valuable solutions where people should find your solutions useful. All these things will affect your website ranking positively and rank it higher in search engines.
Apart of all these, google is actively working in google search engine to provide more relevant searches and thus they keep on upgrading their algorithms. And your awareness towards that is very necessary to react accordingly. It is a continuous process and you have to upgrade according to that. I hope this will help you to begin with your website ranking.

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Threemost important questions that you ask to your SEO Company


How you are going to improve my websites search engine ranking?
This is the first question that you should ask the SEO Company. The answer to this will definitely going to help you to evaluate the authenticity and capability of the company. All the company answer this question differently but it will give you the inputs to identify and evaluate them. Mostly they will explain what they are going to do with your website to rank it higher in the search engines. Which starts with the audit of the website, generating initial audit reports. And start working according to that and improve the things to make your website SEO friendly. It includes working in the HTML structure, content of the websites with important tags and Meta data optimization according to the keywords and keyword phases. Then doing the offline marketing activities like promoting you website in various other websites, doing social media marketing, link building etc.  If a company is not able to explain all these things properly please avoid them, they will take your website nowhere.
When I can expect the result?
This is the second most important question that you must ask your SEO Company. IT takes month of time to bring a website in higher position in search engines. Lot of work need to do in proper direction with an effective strategy then only there will be improvements. Any companies promising overnight improvement in the ranking is not good to associate with, be aware of those companies.
How can I evaluate the work you are doing?
Every professional SEO company gives you a perfect reports every week. Most of them have very user friendly and easy to understandable formats. They will fill it and send it to you. Just by seeing the reports you can easily find how much work is done, what is the improvement your website achieved. If a company is not providing reports regularly then it is always better to come out as they are not working in your website.
Just asking these three question will save you lot of time and money. And help you to identify a proper SEO company who can help you to achieve your goal.

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Is Backlinks still helpful?


Nowadays lot of new SEO guys are asking whether backlinks are as useful as they used to be to rank higher in search engine ranking then our answer is yes, backlinks really matters but there is a huge change in the google algorithms and we have to understand this. Google consider lot of factors to rank a page and a SEO expert does lot of experiments to identify those factors. Though once backlinks are one of the important factors but it changes its importance according to time. Google have given good amount of privilege to other factors which they think important but still backlink have its importance and it will remain its weightage whenever ranking is consider. Now the question arises that if it is important so we must keep on increasing backlinks to our website to rank higher.  Then please don’t do that. Google will punish the ranking of your website.
You should create backlinks with the website which should have higher domain authority.  A backlinks in a website which is having a higher domain authority will be 100 times better than any other websites which is having very low domain authority. Suppose if you website is having one backlink in websites like msn is 100 time better than 100 backlinks in other websites as the authenticity of MSN is extremely higher in market. And thus google will consider that link as important when compared as the website having this backlink is having very high domain authority. Getting a backlink from such websites with higher domain authority is not easy and you should and must provide content which should add value. Yes the process is slow to get such backlinks from those kind of websites but it is worth to work on those areas then blindly creating backlinks which actually become obsolete in the present scenario. SO the best think is to half plan which will help you to have few backlinks from very high domain authority websites. Now it upto you how you plan to get those kind of backlinks.

Why your digital marketing is not effective

Digital Marketing

This is the question that comes into many people when they are actively doing digital marketing and then no results or very less result is attained. I have seen companies who invested heavily in their digital marketing and then burnt their hands. People don’t try to understand that digital marketing works differently than traditional marketing and you need to think a lot before venturing into it. Here we would like to explain few points which are very important to make any digital program a success.
There should be a proper strategy to accomplish the digital marketing goal
First of all you need to define your marketing goal. Once your goals are defined you should give some time to prepare a very strong marketing strategy. Try to create benchmarks to check whether the strategy is effective or not. Make the strategy flexible such that it can be changed accordingly when required.
The Target Audience
Identifying the target audience is the most important factor here. If your target market is identified then you can start working in the marketing strategy. Create the content which should generate interest among the target audience. It will hold the audience and ultimately create interest about your company. Here the biggest achievement is if your audience consumes your content then there is huge change to get them converted into your clients
Speak clearly how your services can solve problems
Audience are looking throughout internet to solve their problems. If you are able to communicate properly that how you can solve client’s problem with minimum interaction then you are definitely able to achieve your ROI in your digital marketing program. This is one of the important factors where many companies failed and they never understand that they didn’t communicate their message with the target audience though they make huge investments
These are the few points if considered properly then your digital marketing program has huge changes to achieve the target.Creating, Managing and running a digital marketing campaign are not tough if you worked out on the above stated points.

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How to reduce bounce rate

Bounce Rate

Some time you will find that you have did everything to make your website to be found in search engines and you are satisfied that visitors are coming to your website. That’s cool! But then after some time when traffic is built up to your website, you find that the bounce rate is very high and it is really a very alarming situation as you are able to bring traffic to your website but you are not able to retain them. A lot of SEO experts complaining about this and they said they cannot do much as client update the content or they update and tweak that content only which client provide them. But really they can’t do anything to the website to reduce the bounce rate. Then my answer is no, SEO experts can do lot of things to control this bounce rate and they can substantially help the company to reduce the bounce rate up to industry standards or up to a mark which is real and acceptable.
We need to analyze deeply to work into it, first of all we have to see that the keywords or keyword phases that we have taken is really the keywords that our target customers uses or not. It can be done by easily working in competitors’ website analysis. That will give us lot of inputs while choosing the right keywords for our website. It your problems solves here than your website is ok and you need to work on other online and offline activities for your website.
The other factor is the content of the website. This is very important factor which will differentiate you from your competitors. Your content should be relevant to your audience. You have to take care that your website is able to explain your products and services very precisely and properly. The language should be simple to understand such that any person of any qualification can understand your offerings. If you consider the above factors then you can reduce the bounce rate significantly and can have more conversions

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What is php frameworks? And why to use it.

php framework

Using PHP for writing server side scripts is the most common and popular practice in web development. The popularity of PHP is in its simplicity. It is actually loosely typed scripting language, which is very easy to learn and write as compared with other languages like java. Any newbie can learn it very easily and thus there are huge changes that he will write code is very vulnerable to hackers. I mean to say due to its loose coding architecture it is very easy to hack as compared to any other mainstream language. Any it’s very common practice for the coders to write code, which is not standard and secured.

I do not want to say that all the programmers who write code in core php are writing the bad code. With their experience, they might be writing the best code. In addition, maintain a very good structure with well-commented code snippets but there are very few who can maintain the proper structure, which will be say to understand for the other programmers. Moreover, it is found that each programmers have different writing style when compared with the other programmers.

Thus, Frameworks come into existence. Php frameworks like Codeigniter, laravel and zend are very good frameworks available free of cost for the developers. Frameworks provides a very strong foundation for the coders. They can use this foundation to write code in top of that to save both time and cost. Frameworks comes with excellent common libraries, which help you to write less number of lines and get your work done. Frameworks are well tasted for security and thus, when you are using frameworks you can cater lot of security issues. Frameworks help you to manage the code in a very effective way. Frameworks will help you to scale your application without any trouble. Therefore, as a whole we can say it is always better to use frameworks when you are developing application in teams.

Thinking to use php framework. We will suggest you to go ahead with Codeigniter, as it is very easy to learn, lightweight and easy to configure.

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Top 5 Tips for Running an Effective SMM (Social Media Marketing) Campaign successfully


Today social media marketing becomes an inevitable marketing platform and companies are seriously working in social media marketing strategies throughout the world. More than 90 percent of companies think that social media is very important for their business to grow. But day by day it become very challenging to stand out in the market and create a substantiate number of follower. If you find that we are talking sense and now only start working in your social media campaigns. Yes you have to be creative and more thoughtful with your campaigns in coming days or may be from tomorrow.
If you find that social media campaigns are really fruitful then please consider the below points to make it more effective and valuable
First of all create a perfect campaign strategy. We mean to say you need to work out on the campaign like who is the target audience, their age group, demographic, campaigns real objective etc. document everything properly such that you can refer it throughout the campaign life cycle.
Second, make your campaign flexible such that when required you can make changes in the campaign. Thus it should be easily adoptive to the situation and market.
Third, choosing the perfect social media platform is one of the main reason to success. Nowadays many different social media platform are available and you need to do deep study ion which media your audience can be found in abundance. Then chock out your plan for that media and create all the content which exactly suits that platform. It dissent mean that you should stick with one or two social media platforms but work in such a way that you can use maximum of it strategically.
Fourth point, campaigns need something to get the attention of the target audience. So create and work with plans like introducing some kind of contest where people will happy to participate.
Fifth point is also very important. You need to work on the related keywords as many search engines index these pages and you should not miss them.

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Why email Marketing?

email marketing

Yes, it is 2016 and still we are talking about email marketing. The concept of email marketing is as old as emails. From its nascent stage, until now we have seen lot of changes in email marketing. During early days emails are very easy to send, there was not much restriction, and people are getting emails in their inbox. People are happy on getting promotional mails from various marketing agencies, as there are very few unwanted emails are coming. However, it become very ugly as days passes. People are getting thousands of email on their inbox and because of this, they miss their important emails. Lot of tools came and email service providers come up with solutions and tools to spam those emails. Technology brings improved tools and inbox become stricter for unwanted emails.

Marketers design new methodologies to create interest among the users. They give many types of offers, freebees and much different kind of things, which can bring the users in their opting list, such that they can be in touch with them via either newsletters, freebees or any other information, which creates some interest for the user to be in touch with the marketing company.

Still I would like to say email campaign is one of the best marketing tool if it done properly. It you are able to run your email campaign properly then your ROI will be high as compared with many other marketing campaigns. Nowadays lot of email campaign tools are available like mail chimp-which will not only send mails but also give you in-depth analytics analysis, which can help you to create strategies for your marketing campaigns. By using, these tools you can easily see how many people opened it, how many people click the links and you can learn much more about the user behavior.  As a whole, we can say it is a great marketing tool to reach your customers.

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