Ecommerce websites vs ecommerce apps

E commerce

During last two years I have found few of websites have shut down their websites and are available as mobile app. If you go to their website they will ask you to download the app. A have also downloaded their app also. Because at first I am a technology enthusiast person and don’t want to lose to see how they are performing. It was also fund that a lot of companies are planning to move to mobile by leaving the website. I have found that apps are very personal choice and everyone has different priorities. So if a person is a seasonal buyer from ecommerce website then there is very less change that he is going to download and install any ecommerce app. Even if he downloaded and install it, he might be uninstalling it against any other app which he will felt more important. Mobile phones are coming with less space which ultimately made the user to be very particular about the apps he installs. The other way is people are work in workstations and they do most of the work from their workstations only. People don’t work from smart phones. Though smart phones are incomparable when it comes to check and reply emails or messages on the move but that is very limited you may struggle with the attachments etc. So while working you need workstations and you use the browser to surf the websites you like. So workstations are still there in workplaces and in our homes and smart phones cannot remove them till something totally new technology arrived which we can just imagine now. Other is the visual area. Lot of people is comfortable with the bigger sized browser and they are happy with that and they also know the limitations of small screen size. So is it the right choice for any company to go ahead only with a mobile app for ecommerce kind of thing. My answer will be no. if you are a marketer your first and most important priority is to make your products available to the customers easily. Don’t make them to work more or be specific to be your customer. For an online ecommerce business you must try to reach your customers with all the popular available media such that your presence can be always acknowledged. This is very important and your success depends on that. I have seen entrepreneurs move to mobile only and they find that it’s just one medium to reach the customers. And they again started working on the websites.

Common Social media activities that any business owner can do

Social Media

Nowadays even if you have the best of the product or services, it’s difficult to reach your audience because of huge competition in the market. But really it’s that much difficult? My Answer is no with following few tips you can easily reach masses by using the power of social media. Social media is really a very power full media to reach you audience and explain them about your products and services. There are various social media sites are available among them few are very popular like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. We will talk little bit about each and what you can do in these social media websites.

First of all you need to create a Facebook page and post content and images about your product and services. Post relevant articles, images and whatever you find interesting related to your product and services. Post offers, freebies links etc. in your posts such that followers should have some interest in your page.

Use twitter as marketing tool follow people and companies there. Post and comments on others tweets. Ask questions and suggestions. Test your product there by giving links to your product some time providing free accounts etc.

Create a very professional company page along with your profile. Be active and follow people related to your field and area. Participate in discussions, suggest others with your knowledge and expertise. Post articles related to your products and services.

These are very limited but at least you can start with if you didn’t started yet. If done properly it can really prove fruitfully in near future and can create your brand awareness in market.

How to hire a SEO Agency

seo company

How to hire a SEO Agency

Today we are going to discuss about how to hire a SEO expert. Whether you are selling products or services you need clients to do business. To get clients it’s a huge effort and you need to identify all possible ways to get in touch with your prospects such that you can explain your product and services and convince the client to purchase your product or hire you services. There are many different mediums to reach your clients either through newspaper classifieds, brochures, pamphlets, radio or television commercials etc. But Internet changed the whole scenario now you can reach your clients beyond the boundaries of you country and state. It opens the immense opportunities for many businesses. Doing business and reaching to clients become easy. To reach your prospects through internet is not easy and it needs expertise.

Most common way to reach your prospects is through search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a process through which you can reach your target audience when they search the internet with some keywords or keyword phases. SEO is not rocket science and it can be learned very easily. You need to browse some blogs and you will find all the latest tips and techniques to attain the position in first page of Google search. But the best way is to hire an agency if your budget permits for that. They are well experienced and they know what need to do to bring your site at top in search engines. Both agencies and individual SEO experts are available in market and you can choose anyone to do search engine optimization for your website.

I have seen a lot of companies outsource their SEO work to agencies without verifying them and later they complain that the target is not achieved or there is something wrong with the agency or the agency is not doing my job perfectly. At the end you will lose your money if your hired agency is not working properly. Here I will give you few tips which will definitely going to help you to identify a good SEO agency. Before giving the work first of all you need to check the background of the agency. Like how long the agency is existing, Numbers of clients. Ask the agency to introduce the person who is going to do your work. Personally interview them. Ask them for references and call the referred clients and check the keywords provided by them on Google and other search engines against the referred client’s website. Ask the agency about the reporting process. Like how they are going to show you that they are working in your project. Good agencies have very good reporting tools or templates. They fill it and send you on weekly basis for your reference it contains every details that they have done with complete links and proof. If you find that the agency is not having any proper template or reporting software beware of that agency or it’s better to avoid them. Kindly read some blogs related to SEO which will help you to understand the capability of the SEO agency.

Latest Web designing trade

Web Designing

Nowadays you can find lot of single pager websites. You need to scroll down to view the complete website you don’t need to go to a new web page, everything you can find in the same page. Most of the sites are designed by using css3 and javascript which ultimately gives a wow feeling to the website. I would like to say some designers designed really very stunning designs and used some very unique creativity on the page to make the website different. Parallax scrolling are used to make the design more appealing. Mostly I found these kinds of websites are used to display mobile applications and games. Some time I found this design is very suitable for the company dealing with one or two product types.

These kind of websites are effective when designers would like to use his creativity by using story telling method. It also creates interest among the user if the design is done. Less content to read and more graphical representation. It also gives enough space to the designer to use his creativity to fullest. Most of the time I found these websites very interesting on content and eye catchy designs. Everyday new designs are coming which raises the benchmark for the designers and programmers. If we compare the designs from 2000 and now it’s beyond comparisons in every aspects. The javascript effects have really changed the feel of the websites. Sites are becoming more and more interactive and engaging which ultimately help the site owners to get more traffic to their site.

But along with advantages it has lot of limitations. This design is not at all suitable for enterprise level portals. Cannot accommodate much of content. Lot of people are not ready to accept the design for serious corporate websites. It is also not suitable for news websites or for magazine websites. Sometime single page is treated like landing page and not as a complete website. For every industry there is certain designs which suits them more and they want their designers to be creative within that boundary.

But at the end we can say it fits best when it matches the requirement and in future we can see lot of single page websites with very unique and creative designs. This ever-changing web have lot to offer to its users and designers and developers are working day and night to attain that.

Responsive Design vs mobile site


Few days ago one of my journalist friend asked me what is the difference between which we pronounce as mobile site and responsive site? I think for a while and found not only him but earlier also lot of people asked me the same question and I answered them the same answer so many times. It is also very common to encounter those kind of question because now days so many people are using smart phones and they try to browse the web through their handsets only and some time they find the word m before the website name like
Let me start with this, this is nothing but the sub domain of the main So nothing special about it except it’s the sub domain. Now coming to the mobile site. A mobile site is a website which is prepared for handheld devices like smart phones. Content and everything has taken from the main website but the look and feel is designed for the mobile phones such that user should no need to do the horizontal scroll which in real a very frustrating for me I don’t know about others. Fonts, images, etc. are managed and prepared specially for mobile devices. At least for common phone resolutions. This is old techniques and site owners are phasing it out for many reasons like maintenance cost for two different sites, SEO factors etc.
Responsive design on the other hand prepared in such a way that it will render according to the device and the code will manage the rendering from back end. Now days the approach is from mobile screen to tab to laptop to desktop to large desktops. So ultimately you are just having one domain and it will adept the design and the presentation according to the screen resolution. This is a newer technology then the m.sites and solves the device rendering problem to large extend. Now days, designers are no need to struggle much to match the design for mobile devices because of the frameworks like bootstrap, foundation, etc. all these frameworks are prepared by keeping the mobile design first. Designers no need to write all the code which is apply according to the screen resolutions. These frameworks are very smart and can identify the resolutions of the devices and render the content accordingly. The question arises why some popular websites are still having this with them. This is their choice and we can’t say anything about that. But if you are planning to go for one I will bet on the responsive design. It will make your site ready for the feature resolutions and you don’t need to worry about the rendering of your site in near future.

How you can create an interesting blog


Internet has created immense opportunity and freedom to net users. It was the main and biggest source of knowledge now days. Before Internet mostly people are relying on libraries for obtaining any kind of information. For example suppose you are looking for some Italian recipe then either you have to ask some of your know friend about the recipe or move to a good book store for an Italian recipe book and there is not much surety that you will get the recipe. But now Internet have changed the scenario, you just need to type your query and google will flooded you with all type of related information. So we can say we are into information age where information is everything. Every second google is providing results for millions searches. We cannot imagine life without Internet. So you can see how much opportunity is there for everyone who wants to share is knowledge with others. Now days blogging become one of the most popular platform to share your thoughts with the world. There are many different kinds of bloggers are there professional bloggers, hobbyist etc. For many people blogging is their full time job and they are making very decent money from blogging. Now the question arise how can you make money when everyone is writing their own blog. First of all you need to choose the area where you are expert. Then writing interesting articles which can draw the attention of the audience. Fresh and interesting articles are one of the key elements which can make a bloggers successful. Let us take an example. Suppose you are good in cooking and started a blog about recipes. Try to write articles related to different kind of food how to prepare them, how the taste cans be improved. You need to write very interesting and catchy articles such that people should come to your site for new things.  Need to write and cover most of the things related to cooking and recipes. You can also create followers by using various tools like Face book likes and signing for newsletters. All these things will create a strong base of followers. Whenever you post any new article they will automatically know if they are sign up for newsletters from your blog. There are many other ways to get traffic to your site we will discuss those in our next article.

E-commerce is the new big thing and will continue to be for coming few years in India

E commerce

Though e commerce is not very new to the Indian market earlier also it was there and people are selling products through other medium like radio and Television but no substantiate share is there which we should consider. Internet has tremendously broaden the area and given the capabilities to showcase the products in more advance way. The penetration of internet in India is increasing like anything and more and more people are able to reach the internet via their smart phones, here I am taking about both high end and low end smart phones.

After seeing the success of the e commerce websites in US and Europe market, lot of companies started to find new market and they find Indian market suitable for that. Though they restricted their penetration to metro cities only. Their prediction proven right. Gradually young en-treasures from India also find the opportunity in the sector and started their own e commerce websites. Things goes well and it became a challenge for the traditional traders.

Through few market research farms it was find that there will be huge market for e commerce industry in India and it will keep on growing till 2025. So there is huge opportunity. But this opportunity also creates a huge competition in the e commerce market. It rages a discount war like how much discount you can give to retain your customers loyal to your website. Apart from this, companies are also investing heavily in marketing to third party marketing and online advertising companies. They will spam your inbox with thousands of offers from 10 different websites and everyone is claiming they are giving the best discount to you. Even traditional shops are also actively participating in ecommerce market place by becoming the vendors to big ecommerce market place websites.

Many people are thinking that is it the right time to jump into this market. My suggestion will be –yes. But first of all identify the area which is still vacant and unclear. Do some market research about that area like market size of that product or service? Who are going to be your customers, their affordability etc? After doing such research you can start your business and it’s very obvious, if there is opportunity there will be challenges also. Sometime new ideas change the market scenario like cash on delivery hardly people can think about its success but it changed the scenario of the e commerce market in India.

Relevance of backlinks in 2017


Backlinks are always a hot issue for SEO experts and each and every SEO experts have their own version of it. Few experts says it’s completely irrelevant now a days and google don’t care much about it. Where other still stick with their view that it is always one of the important factor in ranking your website. So, today we are going to discuss weather backlinks lost its relevance or still it matters for the search engines.

After doing our own research we find that websites which are created for promoting backlinks or link exchange website become totally irrelevant nowadays search engine are constantly working in this matter and once they find the website is doing backlink promotion or link exchange, it immediately make them irrelevant and thus it will be of no use how many backlinks your website will have from these kind of websites. Really they don’t make any changes in your website ranking. Everyday thousands of directories are popping up in the web and thus directory listing etc. also become of no use unless you are in some of the top directories but it again will not of much help as everyone is present there along with your competitors. And thus it will not of much help.

So what to do such that backlinks will help you to gain some ranking weightage.  First of all try to understand backlink is long process and you need substantiate amount of time and patience to work in this area. You should try to publish content which will be relevant for masses, they those come and read your articles or blogs that you are posting in other blogging website. Do take care that those websites should have higher domain authority when compared with others.If you continue posting articles which are relevant for the users and audience comes to read them then definitely your website and backlink will making some sense and there are chances that these backlinks will give some weightage to your website.

How XML sitemap helps in SEO and how important it is?

xml sitemap

As we always Says SEO is ever changing process and it has to be else search engines cannot become smarter. XML map is one of the very important factors for any website and there are lot of confusions are there about it. Today we are going to discuss few of the important points which are very important but people might not know about them

First of all we would to clear that Google is indexing and crawling pages through even if you don’t have a XML sitemap. Google crawls pages and always try to index them if they find the content is relevant. Now, how Google find the importance of the page, we will discuss some other day and we can guess on that area only. But due to our research and experience we can say something relevant about that. SO the relevance of the content is very important. We don’t say that you don’t use XML sitemap for indexing and we must insist you to create a XML site map for your website and submit it to Google. Yes it is relevant and your website will definitely get some SEO advantage with that effort.

But the most important question is what you should do with your XML sitemap. First of all create a site map with all of your important pages. This wills clarify from your end to Google that these pages are important for your website and consider them for indexing it’s like referring the pages to Google for indexing. Google will consider those pages according to its algorithm for relevancy and page importance and index them. Other thing always do take care that pages what you are submitting are really important for your website, just don’t submit all the pages which actually having no meaning. We have seen people are submitting all the pages in their website which actually won’t help you. If properly done sitemaps are very helpful for your website to be identified in Google or other search engines.