How to start a mobile recharge website

Mobile Recharge

Nowadays API becomes very common word in the recharge industry. Whether, it is a bus booking or mobile recharge API, these API creates new avenues for businesses. The innovation of these API proves to be really beneficial for many companies and creates a new market. It really makes the business process easy for small businesses. A person who cannot invest heavily but want to create a brand of his own can really leverage the power of API.

The process to start a mobile recharge business is very easy. You need to contact any Mobile recharge API service provider. Need to fill some documentation to avail this API service. After that you need to contact any software development company or even a freelancer can create the application for you. Once the application is ready you can start doing your business. You can do the complete business in your brand name and thus can create your own brand in the market. If you want to start the business immediately you can go for white label solutions. Many mobile recharge API providers are also offering white label solutions. If you are opting for that you can start the business with a couple of days, though percentages are different for white label solutions and API integration.

During last one year we have seen many entrepreneurs start this mobile recharge business by just integrating the API and create a very good brand image of their own in the market. It’s a volume business and you can get more percentage if your recharge volume is high. Thus more recharge means more percentages as commission. API providers are increasing their services to other industry also such that they can provide more products and services to the API users. So we can say in coming time API users will have more choices for their customers which will ultimately benefit the API users.

Online marketing is getting tougher and tougher

Online Marketing

Gone are the days when just doing SEO was enough to get businesses. Everything has changed from the initial days of Google. Sometime back retaining top position in Google search engine with target keywords was enough to generate good cash for many companies and they really enjoyed the position and enough cash flow but now the trend is changed along with the awareness of the audience, the whole marketing process required much more than doing just simple SEO. The number of internet users increased manifolds when compared with ten years back internet traffic.

Users want to know everything about the product they are interested. They want to know everything, all the pros and cons before making any decision to purchase. Social media websites, review blogs and many more informative and review websites are there to provide all the required information that you are looking for. What you need to do is just search the internet.

All these things make the competition very big and challenging for the companies. Both free and paid information are available in market and all these things are very much required to make decisions. Information is available for a small product of less than one dollar to very costly products which cost in millions. Project your product perfectly is a huge task now days. We can say an online reputation of the product is very important now days and companies are investing millions of dollars on making a great market reputation for their products. A proper mix of strategy is very crucial to make a product success. And retaining the acquired position is tougher than that.

What really to you should do with your website to rank higher than your competitors?

Website to ranking

Yes, this is the first question which comes into the mind of any SEO newbie. He does lot of research and experiments to get the top position in google search with the target keywords. But there is lot of confusion in the market as no SEO expert knows what the google algorithms are and every SEO expert does lot of thing to find the relevant answers for their questions. There is nothing wrong into it as it is a continuous process and searches are getting more and more specific and thus it is obvious that the search result should also be relevant to maintain the search engine relevancy. And this is great as the internet is getting more and more mature, things will also get more accurate shapes and search engines will also become smarter. If we see the search engine trend from the beginning it is indicating the same what I am saying.
So what should a search engine optimization expert can do to rank his website higher in the market? He need to do lot of things. He need to put effort with the structure of the website, with mobile first thing in mind he need to write the syntaxes which are mobile friendly. He should abandon all the tags that get depreciated. He must ask his customers to provide content which is engaging. He must see that the bounce rate should not be more than 70%. If it is more than seventy percent he need to put effort to bring it down. He should find the right keywords and use the right and relevant content which matches with the keywords.
As we all know the SEO is a continuous process and you need to do it regularly to rank higher your website and then maintain the position once you attain that.

How to find a Good SEO Company to promote your business online

Good seo

Today we are going to talk about how to choose a good SEO company from the crowd and make yourself guaranteed that your website SEO is in correct hands. Nowadays SEO and online marketing companies are popping up every day and claims that they are the best SEO Company in the town. There is nothing wrong into it after all they have to make business and there is nothing wrong into it. But many a times we find companies landed with bad SEO companies and suffered a lot, lose businesses and above all got a very horrible experience with them.
Choosing a reputed SEO company is a tough Job as it is very difficult for a company to find the professional company who can do the perfect SEO for her. Here, what I have tried to do is to explain some point, if any company follow these points,  they might be able to differentiate the SEO company from the crowd and able to identify whether the company is good to hire or not.
First of all always ask for reference. See and match their real work with the keywords and whether they appeared according to claims or not. Always ask for existing reference client number or email id. If they hesitate to provide then there might be something wrong. As there is nothing wrong to provide the email ids of the client if the SEO Company is doing well for them and most of the time they refer the SEO Company, if they are doing well for them.
Secondly ask the SEO Company, what they are going to do. If they said Google is looking for this and that and they said they have some secrets etc. and cannot tell you anything about that as it is there secret then, really they are lying, SEO is simple to do and you only approached them as you want someone experienced person to do that and its very open for everyone. A perfect SEO company will first listen to your goals and Suggest you what need to be done to achieve them and they start working for the goals with clear milestones followed by crystal clear reports every week.

Factor that website designing companies should consider before developing any web application

Web Design

We have seen due to throat cut competition lot of business managers try to lower the cost drastically to grab the project. By grabbing the project at such a less price, they bring real problem for the developers and project Managers and ultimately the company develops the software at loss or might be come out of the project by giving a very bad experience to the client.

We have find that this lowest bid process is killing lot of companies and thousands of customers had didn’t seen their complete product ready. It’s a loss of trust and money from both sides. Then what should companies do? Companies should at least try for the cost which they can afford to develop the software. If they find the cost is less they should come out and look for new prospects.

Other way is to educate the clients about the software development process and how to identify a software development company and how to find which is suitable. Along with your proposal try to give few testimonials with their email ids and phone numbers of your previous clients but you should take their permission before giving their details. All these things will help a good company to differentiate themselves from the market.

What to do when your Website SEO ranking falls.

seo ranking

Many a times SEO experts face this situation when they type the keywords in Google search bar and find that there is drop in the ranking of their website. They start thinking why this drop in ranking in my website, I did everything to attain this position. They answer could be many but we want to list few things which are the common mistakes that any SEO expert does while that are doing SEO for them or for their clients.
After attain the position most of the SEO experts stop doing much into it as they thing this position is permanent which is the biggest mistake as each and every other company is trying to attend the position. So don’t lose the pace and continue your effort to retain the position.
The second reason we find suddenly there is a change in Google algorithms and thus your position is lost. It requires some amount of understanding and following Google to identify how the rank got affected due to the new algorithms once you identify the gap; start working into it and crosscheck every time to see that you are going in the right direction.
Thirst reason we find that might be your competitor is doing well in their SEO efforts and you are losing the position because of their work on their website. So don’t get panic in this situation. SEO is a continuous process and if you lose the position you can easily re gain it, if you are following the trend and continuous with your SEO process. A competitor’s analysis will also help you to understand the shift and thus fine-tune your plan accordingly.
Google is changing its algorithm every day if not in a major way. Those changes are there to make the search more effective and refined. And we have to accept that and thus work according to be more relevant in such situation.

Is Domain Name is really very important?

Domain Name

Lot of people asked us this question, is domain name is really important? This is also very common question for newbie SEO professionals. If you asked us this question few years ago, may we told you that yes, it is important but now it’s hardly matters as most of the domain names  have taken and Google search algorithms understand this long back and thus fine-tune its search process accordingly.
Google consider many different things while ranking your page. Google and many other Search engines is getting more and more accurate, thanks to their algorithms which they uses to rank the pages. SEO experts are always fine tuning their website and do lot of on page and off page activities to make their page more relevant to google when the users use certain keywords to find relevant searches. If domain new is really have certain high weightage in google search then those domains will attain the highest positions with the matching keywords but that is not the scenario and you can check it.
It doesn’t mean you should be get settled by any domain name. Your first preference while choosing the domain name will be your brand name but if it is common and someone have taken that then you should not be worried and try to get something which is relevant to your service or try to get a domain name which might be combination of your brand name with some other relevant keyword but at the end it should make sense to the end user and you must be able to associate your brand with the domain name. Don’t thing that the brand name will affect your SEO if you didn’t able to purchase the absolute domain name. You can ask this question to any SEO expert and his answer will be same as what we said in this article.

Bus booking API creates a huge market in India and offers very promising comissions to agents

Bus Booking

A few years back booking a bus ticket was a huge task for anyone. They have to totally depend on the local agent for the booking. The whole booking process was very unclear. You have to blindly believe the local agent for the seat and bus but technology has changed everything, it changes the complete bus booking process. Suddenly everything becomes so easy, thanks to IT revolution which makes these things possible.

Nowadays hundreds of bus booking APIs are available which are prepared in such a way that you just need to integrate it into your website and make some changes according to your requirements. Now every agent can have their own brand to market and create a brand value for his company or agency. Bus ticket booking services are one of the emerging markets in India and it shows promising growth in coming future. The APIs are available at very cheap cost and any small agent can purchase and integrate it with their website for selling online bus tickets. Though their other forms are also emerging like white label solutions, online distributors etc we will talk about them later.

Still your website is not responsive?


If you fall into the owners of non-responsive website category then it is better to have no website then a non-responsive one.  Now it’s really long and almost all the websites have been converted to responsive. Long back google have started giving weightage to responsive websites when compared with non-responsive one and now it become undeclared mandate that your website should be responsive. All the front end design frameworks are coming with inbuilt responsive functionalities.
More of that each and every framework is keeping mobile first design in mind so now you can easily understand how the responsiveness is important for your website.
Due to large number of user are having smart phones and most of them accessing your website form their smart phones only and if your website is not responsive there is no chance that you can hold the audience. We have find that traffic from mobile device is more than the traffic from desktop and the gap is increasing day by day in favor of mobile devices. So it’s become very important for you to convert your website to responsive as soon as possible.
While converting you your website to responsive you must keep many things in your mind. The first thing is the size of the device is a biggest challenge. In desktop version you can keep much of the content but while coming to mobile you should stick with the important things first, then only you can retain the traffic. Other thing is the bandwidth. Still many mobiles phones are relying in 2G data and thus rendering of your website will be very difficult or time consuming process if your website’s page size is large. You have to optimize everything to make your website suitable for the Mobile device and it should be fast to navigate else you will be losing the traffic.

What Is Angular?


AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It lets you use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML’s syntax to express your application’s components clearly and succinctly. Angular’s data binding and dependency injection eliminate much of the code you would otherwise have to write. And it all happens within the browser, making it an ideal partner with any server technology.

Angular is what HTML would have been, had it been designed for applications. HTML is a great declarative language for static documents. It does not contain much in the way of creating applications, and as a result building web applications is an exercise in what do I have to do to trick the browser into doing what I want?

The impedance mismatch between dynamic applications and static documents is often solved with:

a library – a collection of functions which are useful when writing web apps. Your code is in charge and it calls into the library when it sees fit. E.g., jQuery.

frameworks – a particular implementation of a web application, where your code fills in the details. The framework is in charge and it calls into your code when it needs something app specific. E.g., durandal, ember, etc.

Angular takes another approach. It attempts to minimize the impedance mismatch between document centric HTML and what an application needs by creating new HTML constructs. Angular teaches the browser new syntax through a construct we call directives. Examples include:

Data binding, as in {{}}.

DOM control structures for repeating, showing and hiding DOM fragments.

Support for forms and form validation.

Attaching new behavior to DOM elements, such as DOM event handling.

Grouping of HTML into reusable components.

A complete client-side solution

Angular is not a single piece in the overall puzzle of building the client-side of a web application. It handles all of the DOM and AJAX glue code you once wrote by hand and puts it in a well-defined structure. This makes Angular opinionated about how a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application should be built. But while it is opinionated, it also tries to make sure that its opinion is just a starting point you can easily change. Angular comes with the following out-of-the-box:

Everything you need to build a CRUD app in a cohesive set: Data-binding, basic templating directives, form validation, routing, deep-linking, reusable components and dependency injection.

Testability story: Unit-testing, end-to-end testing, mocks and test harnesses.

Seed application with directory layout and test scripts as a starting point.

Angular’s sweet spot

Angular simplifies application development by presenting a higher level of abstraction to the developer. Like any abstraction, it comes at a cost of flexibility. In other words, not every app is a good fit for Angular. Angular was built with the CRUD application in mind. Luckily CRUD applications represent the majority of web applications. To understand what Angular is good at, though, it helps to understand when an app is not a good fit for Angular.

Games and GUI editors are examples of applications with intensive and tricky DOM manipulation. These kinds of apps are different from CRUD apps, and as a result are probably not a good fit for Angular. In these cases it may be better to use a library with a lower level of abstraction, such as jQuery.

The Zen of Angular

Angular is built around the belief that declarative code is better than imperative when it comes to building UIs and wiring software components together, while imperative code is excellent for expressing business logic.

It is a very good idea to decouple DOM manipulation from app logic. This dramatically improves the testability of the code.

It is a really, really good idea to regard app testing as equal in importance to app writing. Testing difficulty is dramatically affected by the way the code is structured.

It is an excellent idea to decouple the client side of an app from the server side. This allows development work to progress in parallel, and allows for reuse of both sides.

It is very helpful indeed if the framework guides developers through the entire journey of building an app: From designing the UI, through writing the business logic, to testing.

It is always good to make common tasks trivial and difficult tasks possible.

Angular frees you from the following pains:

Registering callbacks: Registering callbacks clutters your code, making it hard to see the forest for the trees. Removing common boilerplate code such as callbacks is a good thing. It vastly reduces the amount of JavaScript coding you have to do, and it makes it easier to see what your application does.

Manipulating HTML DOM programmatically: Manipulating HTML DOM is a cornerstone of AJAX applications, but it’s cumbersome and error-prone. By declaratively describing how the UI should change as your application state changes, you are freed from low-level DOM manipulation tasks. Most applications written with Angular never have to programmatically manipulate the DOM, although you can if you want to.

Marshaling data to and from the UI: CRUD operations make up the majority of AJAX applications’ tasks. The flow of marshaling data from the server to an internal object to an HTML form, allowing users to modify the form, validating the form, displaying validation errors, returning to an internal model, and then back to the server, creates a lot of boilerplate code. Angular eliminates almost all of this boilerplate, leaving code that describes the overall flow of the application rather than all of the implementation details.

Writing tons of initialization code just to get started: Typically you need to write a lot of plumbing just to get a basic “Hello World” AJAX app working. With Angular you can bootstrap your app easily using services, which are auto-injected into your application in a Guice-like dependency-injection style. This allows you to get started developing features quickly. As a bonus, you get full control over the initialization process in automated tests.