You Might have think! How to get more Facebook Likes?

Facebook likes

Yes its might be very true at some point of time you might have been thought that how people are getting more and more likes for their Facebook pages and why aren’t you get likes like them though you also trying so hard but landed with very few likes.  And then you keep on thinking what’s wrong with your page. But you don’t need to worry much about this as it is not so difficult to get likes like your competitors. By following just few tips below you can also make more and more likes to your Facebook page. First of all you need to optimize you page. It means you need to do a details study of your site and make it look appealing. Try to improve things which are visible easily. Work out in images, about us and any other section what you think can be improved.
Try to put interesting content that people like to read and share. As if the posts that you publish is not interesting hardly people will care. Post content in regular interval of time and try to comment in others comments also. Make your friends admins of the page who are very active in Facebook. They can easily bring their followers and friends to like your page and believe me that can bring huge likes to your page.
Promote your blog articles with Facebook likes and share plugins. Try to use these like and share plugins with all of your published articles. Write blogs and articles which can create interest among the readers and ultimately make people to share.
Don’t restrict your Facebook activities to Facebook only promote your page in all possible social media platforms. This way you are opening a broader road for your Facebook page. Engage yourself and your audience with posts and comments such that people actively participate.
Just following the above tips you can also increase your likes to the Facebook page and create an engaging and active followers.

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Back-links in SEO

Backlinks in seo

Whenever I am taking to someone about SEO and if he is having some knowledge about search engines. The first question I face is about the backlinks in SEO. In the initial days when search engines are in their nascent stage, backlinks are one of the main important factor for the search engine optimization (SEO). Now in 2016 it is obsolete, and really, it does not help you if you are following the same technique by submitting your website in thousands of websites and linking back to your website for generating traffic.

Due to the back-link factor, lot of auto submission tools came in the market like Scrape box.  Which can create thousands of back-links within minutes but today really it makes sense? My answer is NO; it will not help you.

Nowadays search engines become very smart and algorithms become very complex and getting better day by day. There are thousands of factor that are affecting your website’s rank and it is difficult to tell which is important and which is not.

Now the question is shall I completely abandoned this back-link and concentrate on other SEO activities, then it not like that if you have some back-links from high authority websites then it will affect your rank somewhere positively against your competitors. Try to have very good content for your website. There should be no duplicate content. If you content is worth and informative, might you have chances that some good high authority websites will refer your website for the content. If it happens to your website then it is well and good. So be natural in your content and do not engage yourself in link building process actively. Let google find you as a better content provider. Automatically google will rank you higher in its search engine. Let others websites or blogs refer you for classy and informative content. These activities will really help you then just randomly running for back-links, which can blacklist your website.


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Few Common reasons for software project failures

Software failure

If you are client and outsource your software development work regularly to software development companies or you are working in a software development company then there are huge changes that you have seen projects never get launched or client pull the project back or projects get scrapped. Many a times you can see this kind of situations and might have tried to understand why these projects never launched. But there are few points and if you know those points then you can easily avoid these things to make the software project a success.
First of all client have to be very clear what they want. It is primary duty of the client to document as much as possible such that the goal of the product should be very clear. If you document everything then might be what initially is not clear, will be get clear by the time you complete your documentation work.Wire framing, logics and database schemas should be done and tested thoroughly such that the idea and the plan of execution of the project can be done perfectly.
The experience of the software development company is also very necessary. Along with that the company’s feedback from previous clients is very necessary. A professional software company always help the client to draw the plan if they are lagging on that. So it will always better for the client to discuss as much as possible in the requirement gathering stage.
Many a times clients don’t know what they exactly they want and they keep on changing their requirements and thus the software also keep on changing and at the end there will be no output from the developed software. Due to frustration software development company try to comes out of the situation. It mostly happen with small software development companies as they didn’t make proper requirement gathering as getting the project is the first priority in their mind.
So it will always better to plan and document everything that you find is required to develop the software perfectly.

Difference Between Prominence and Proximity


In this article, I will discuss very important elements of SEO, which is called prominence and proximity. We know many other factors, which are affecting the google search, but on-page optimization is very important as you can do it now with your web pages and you have full control in it. So let me explain what is prominence and proximity.

Keyword Prominence

Keyword prominence mentions how prominent keywords are within the given web page. Now generally we can tell that you need to put your keywords or keyword phases at the beginning of the web page. You have to put the keywords in the title of the web page along with that you need to insert them in the Meta description as well as Meta keywords. Then you should take care that you important keywords and keyword phases will appear in heading tags like H1 and H2 tags along with that it will be better to make them appear in the beginning or we can say first sentence of the content part of your article.


Keyword Proximity

Keyword proximity denotes to the closeness between two or more keywords. Thus, we can say as much as close the keywords are they are more important for the search engines. Let me explain it with an example

Suppose a website contains the keywords that make up the search term “Hyderabad decorators” in the sentence “Hyderabad decorators association declares holiday on 25th oct”. The search term proximity between “Hyderabad” and “decorators” is excellent, actually in this case there is no words between but you don’t need to do this forcefully, So we can say the smaller the distance between a search term’s individual keywords, the more relevant it will be from a search engine’s perspective.

You have to consider both the proximity and prominence factors while writing any article. However, do take care that you are not spamming your article. As I said earlier, if the quality of article get affected due to this you may not get desired result.


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Few Effective off-page SEO techniques

off-page techniqes

Every day thousands people are starting blogs and they might be trying to know what is SEO or might be trying to learn how to do that. Especially SEO can be split into two main categories. The first one is on-page SEO and the other one is off-page SEO.  On page SEO is nothing but the internal optimization of the pages where it is done to get the desired traffic to the website.
Off-page is the process where SEO experts concentrate their activities in the internet. Like blogs, social media, bookmarking, article submission etc.
Here we will discuss more elaborately those activities which are very important for off page SEO and cannot be avoided. Below are the few important areas where you need to concentrate your off pageactivities to achieve higher ranking in various search engines.
Social Media
It is one of the very important place where you need to stand very strong. Nowadays everybody is having their presence in these social media platforms and you need to promote here website in these platforms to divert traffic to your website. Now it become so important that many companies are giving very serious attention to this and spend lot of money to create high social reputation for them. You have to regularly post interesting articles etc. to these social media websites such that you should attend substantiate no of followers and get likes. Its along process but worth to invest into it as it fetch very good results.
Creating a blog for your website will be another important aspect of off page SEO. Writing content in interesting and related topics can bring substantiate amount of traffic to your website. I have seen lot of companies are maintain their blogs very actively and put very informative content which make visitors to visit the website again and again
Though backlinks become the highly controversial area to speak and it was also in the web that google is not giving much value to it but still having backlinks in very highly repeated websites can increase you ranking in search engines
Local Business
This is one more area where you should be concentrating to get the local traffic to your website. It brings lot of local traffic to your website. You need to register with the search engine website to use this option.
There are lot of other things that can be done to get the offline traffic that we will discuss in our future posts.

How to choose a SEO friendly domain for your brand


To achieve maximum form your SEO activities. You need to take every SEO step and activities very seriously and choosing a domain is very important as it has to reflect you brand as well as it should support your SEO process. Nowadays it become very competitive to a get your desired domain as most of the domain has taken by some other guys for their company name or for re-selling purpose at very higher rates. Anyways it doesn’t mean that you should not try for what you want. But before choosing for a domain you must keep few points in mind when you are choosing the domain.
First of all try to get a domain in your brand name. If your brand name is very common then it will be very impossible to get the domain as it might have taken long back by some other company. So you might try to add some other amalgamation of words with your brand name. But it will again you need to take care that it should not be very long as if you choose a domain which is very long that it will be very difficult for the visitors to type your domain name. Please keep it into mind that it should not be more than fourteen characters, more than that will be long to type.

Second choose either .com,, etc. which may give you more higher domain authority then going for, .cc or something which will look new to the visitors. It you want to go for local market it is always better to choose country wise domain. Suppose you want to make an online presence in UK and your domain is something like then it is good for SEO for UK.
Sometime the presence of the target keyword always add some value to your SEO effort and some point it will help you against your competitors. Though not much as google not only sees the domain but their algorithms are very intelligent and captures lot of many other things from your website along with many offline activities.
At the end it will always be better to get the domain name in your brand name and if not at least try to get the name which can be associated with your brand directly. It will help you to build your brand in the market.

Tips to handle small web designing Projects

webdesign tips

Though handling small project are always easier to deals with but at some moment of time we stick with clients who are very demanding. Let us have a client who said he need a website consisting of five page only and you accepted the project and think it can be completed within four day. You did not write much of documentation and with minimum formalities in mail, you started the project. You submitted the first design and clients did not accept. Then when you ask what kind of design, you are looking for. He will immediately send you a list of website, which are designed and developed by very big studios. You can also deliver the same output but you need budget to do that. Client is not ready to pay any extra single penny. Anyways you took the pain, created something similar to that, and send it back to the client for approval. Client ask you to do changes here and there. Now few more website links with comments as if I want this banner. I want exact this kind of animations and so on and on. Now you are at the tenth day on this project. So literally, you are in loss. In addition, I am very much sure every web designing company had faced this kind of situation. Now, How to handle such situations. Below are the few points if you consider you will never face a situation like that.

Create a strong documentation template. Like at this cost you can get following front-end technology. Restrict the mockups to two or three designs. If client ask for more ask for more payments. Beware of pixel perfect clients as now designs are responsive and attain exactly as the psds is expensive clear this to the client. Stick with the timelines. It will be always better to ask before signing the contract like what kind of website you are looking for any reference. Once you get the reference quote according to that and do not entertain non-sense.

What should you do for Search Engine Optimization in 2017?


If you ask the first thing about SEO to any digital marketing expert, he will say this is every changing process and it is keep on improving day and day. SEO is always there and it will be there with search engines. Since the inceptions of search engines SEO become one of the main important factor for ranking websites.As time changes and engines become smarter for the searches so as SEO experts also changes its strategies to become relevant and effective.
When, we are taking about the present SEO scenario. The complete search got changed with the use of artificial intelligence and it will affect the complete search engines as they have taken this very seriously and doing everything to increase the effect of AI. We have seen SEO Experts and companies who are doing very well in their business now running short of clients as they are not able to learn the change that are happening with the SEO. So what should companies or freelance SEO experts should do such that they can be effective in market.
Few of the things that they can do like they have to keep the mobile first strategy in mind as 70 percent of traffic is coming from mobile only. They need to optimize their site perfectly for mobile. SEO experts should concentrate activities which will bring traffic to their website and bale to retain them as if bounce rate increases the domain authority diminishes. Need to promote their websites on those website which is having higher domain authority and also need to avoid anything which  comes under link spamming as once black listed it will very difficult to come into the market and compete.
Apart of that perfect social media and other digital marketing need to be done such that audience should come to your website with valid reason.

What is HTML5? And why it is awesome


Let us make it clearer HTML5 is the newest hypertext markup language for creating websites. Since 2011, people start writing markup codes on HTML5. At that time the support for different browsers are difficult for HTML 5 and many browsers support are very power as the language is started getting popular more and more browsers development companies started working into and made their browsers compatible for HTML5 markups.  Nowadays all major browsers-chrome, IE, Mozilla, Safari supports HTML5.  Few of the markup that really made it awesome are <video>, <audio> and <canvas>. However, all new markups are really of equal importance but these markups made the browsers less dependable in third party API and thus it is better than other versions. Apart of that, it made less dependent on scripting which are replaced by new markups. In addition, over all it is device independent which is the reals demand of the development process. Error handling is easier.

In near future we can find that many syntaxes will be dropped from the version and better syntaxes will be introduced or may be replaced by existing HTML5 syntaxes. Many syntaxes where created to run heavy content reach websites in small devices seamlessly. Integration of vector graphic content etc. are few of great features that introduced in HTML5.

One question arises where you can start writing HTML5 then my answer will be yes start it now. W3scools is the right place to start with but you may choose any other tutorial website, which you find best according to your understanding and convenience. Though having a good knowledge of HTML4.01 will really help you to master the new syntaxes as lot of syntaxes where taken from HTML4.01.  Lot of frameworks were introduced which are based on HTML5 and you can refer them for developing rapid web applications.

Google also wants mobile first Websites

Mobile website

Nowadays most of the people search for information through mobile only and thus desktop has taken the bake seat in this area and there is no chance that it will again can came back to the main seat for users. The advance in the technology filed has made people to connect with the internet everywhere and thus mobile handsets become the part of the life. As of now most of the searches happen from mobile and thus google has started working in the algorithms with mobile first in their mind and thus at affects lot of websites. As they have to rework and make their website tuned for mobile devices with all good practices.
Earlier google use to index websites with desktop version in mind but recently they announced that they are changing the way of indexing and thus mobile become one of the main indexing factor in this scenario and thus it will definitely going to affect the desktop version only website. Google is encouraging its tools to focus on mobile indexing such that the search can be made more mobile relevant.
Now in this given scenario what you are supposed to do and how you can cater the existing website to make it mobile ready for searches. Below are the few of the things that, we identified need to do such that can make our website mobile search friendly.
Work on the markups first of all. Check that it should be mobile friendly
Please avoid unnecessary markups that is not required or depreciated
Your mobile friendly website should be crawlable
Use various tools to check your website for mobile ready
Reduce the extra CSS and other files what you find not required
Optimize the images for mobiles
Work in page speed timing. Make it as short as possible
Don’t get panic just start working in your website and start doing changes in the areas where you find work need to done. Check your website output for mobile and again rework on the areas where you find that you can improve it more.